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Ace Race is a racing/movement game in MC Championship. This game replaced Foot Race, starting in MCC 7. This was the fifth new game to be introduced in Season 1.

Official Description[]


Game Logo

Ace Race is a race around a big track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Sprint, jump, and fly as fast as you can, and avoid obstacles to get the fastest time possible!

Boost launchers line the track to send you gliding across the course, while vast pools allow you to riptide your way to victory!

Goal and Description[]

Ace Race is a racing game where players race against each other to complete laps in a designated map as fast as possible, using their movement skills with power-ups and features such as Speed Boost pads, Launch Pads, and many more. They have 10 minutes (12 minutes for Clouds II) to complete those laps.

Each map, there are multiple checkpoints, separating different sections of the map. Some section may give players boosts such as elytras, tridents, Dolphin’s Grace, and more, and are taken away when a player reaches another checkpoint.

Coin Rewards[]

  • 400Coin = person who finishes 1st, decreasing by 10Coin for every subsequent finish.
  • Players who do not finish will not get any coins.

Bonuses are also rewarded:

  • 1st place: 300Coin
  • 2nd place: 240Coin
  • 3rd place: 180Coin
  • 4th-9th place: 120Coin
  • 10th-14th place: 60Coin
  • 15th-19th place: 15Coin

List of Maps[]



Appearances and Overview[]

Event Map Game Number Fastest Completion Fastest Lap Best Performing Team
MCC 7 Clouds 6 Pink Parrots (Transparent) Fundy
Pink Parrots (Transparent) Fundy
Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots
MCC 8 4 Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Pink Parrots (Transparent) Technoblade
Pink Parrots Pink Parrots
MCC 9 6 Cyan Creepers (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Blue Bats (Transparent) fruitberries
Red Rabbits Red Rabbits &
Blue Bats Blue Bats
MCC 10 6 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Technoblade
Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots
MCC 11 Clouds Halloween 4 Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Technoblade
Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Technoblade
Blue Black Cats Blue Black Cats
MCC 12 Python's Crypt 5 Lime Llamas (Transparent) fruitberries
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Fundy
Green Guardians Green Guardians
MCC JJ 8 BEEEEEEEES (Transparent) SB737
BEEEEEEEES (Transparent) SB737
Rick Astley's Shorts Rick Astley's Shorts
MCC 13 4 Yellow Yetis (Transparent) HBomb94
Yellow Yetis (Transparent) HBomb94
Emerald Elves Emerald Elves
MCC 14 Space Race 6 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Smajor1995
Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks
MCC P21 Clouds 1 Pink Parrots (Transparent) Technoblade
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Illumina
Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls
MCC 15 Space Race 6 Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina
Blue Bats (Transparent) Quig
Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks
MCC 16 6 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Punz
Pink Parrots (Transparent) Dream
Pink Parrots Pink Parrots
MCC 17 Python's Crypt 6 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots
MCC R Clouds 2 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) OwengeJuice
Blue Bats (Transparent) Stemister
Pink Parrots Pink Parrots
MCC 18 Clouds Halloween 4 Lime Liches (Transparent) Illumina
Aqua Abominations (Transparent) Antfrost
Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes
MCC AS Space Race 4 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Dream
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Quig
Red Rabbits Red Rabbits
MCC 20 Python's Crypt 6 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Illumina
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Illumina
Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks
MCC 22 ecaR ecapS 5 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Dream
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Quig
Red Rabbits Red Rabbits
MCC P22 Clouds 6 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Illumina
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Illumina
Red Rabbits Red Rabbits
MCC 23 Turtle Run 2 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Seapeekay
Red Rabbits (Transparent) Seapeekay
Red Rabbits Red Rabbits
MCC 24 6 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Purpled
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Seapeekay
Purple Pandas Purple Pandas
MCC 25 5 Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Green Geckos Green Geckos
MCC 27 3 Purple Pandas (Transparent) FireBreathMan
Purple Pandas (Transparent) FireBreathMan
Purple Pandas Purple Pandas
MCC 28 Yeti Set Go! 3 Ginger Breadmen (Transparent) Purpled
Emerald Elves (Transparent) Illumina
Teal Turkeys Teal Turkeys
MCC 29 5 Pink Parrots (Transparent) Antfrost
Blue Bats (Transparent) FireBreathMan
Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes
MCC 30 Turtle Run 4 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Illumina
Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Green Geckos Green Geckos
MCC P23 5 Red Rabbits (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Red Rabbits (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Purple Pandas Purple Pandas
MCC 32 Clouds II 5 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Antfrost
Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Red Rabbits Red Rabbits
MCC 33 6 Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks
MCC R2 4 Lime Llamas (Transparent) Nominalgravy
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Nominalgravy
Lime Llamas Lime Llamas
MCC TR 3 Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks
MCC 35 Yeti Set Go! 2 Purple Penguins (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Purple Penguins (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Cerulean Candy Canes Cerulean Candy Canes
MCC P24 Clouds II 5 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Antfrost
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Antfrost
Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes
MCC TRE 5 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) FireBreathMan
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots


Map Fastest Completion Fastest Lap
Clouds Illumina Illumina
Illumina Illumina
Python's Crypt Illumina Illumina
MCC 20
Illumina Illumina
MCC 20
Space Race Dream Dream
Quig Quig
ecaR ecapS
Space Race (Mirrored Version)
Dream Dream
MCC 22
Quig Quig
MCC 22
Turtle Run PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt
MCC 25
PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt
MCC 25
Yeti Set Go! PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt
MCC 35
PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt
MCC 35
Turtle Run
Alternate Route
PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt
PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt
Clouds II FireBreathMan FireBreathMan
PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt


  • The point record for Ace Race is held by Illumina, with 800 coins.
    • However, this is now unbeatable due to the scoring of MCC 15 rewarding 800 coins for first place instead of 700, like it is currently.
  • This game is one of 2 games to not be skipped in the Decision Dome since their debut, sharing this with Rocket Spleef Rush. It is also the oldest game (debuted in MCC 7) to not be skipped yet.
  • This game's music is heavily similar to a song in Noxcrew's discontinued map, Super Steve/Sky Runner.[1]
  • The original ideas for the game were discussed in MCC 3's admin stream.[2]
  • Before MCC 16, this game suffered from a trident collision bug that happen when players "bumped" into each other during riptide mode, completely stopping their momentum.
    • This was fixed in MCC 16, with regular Minecraft tridents being replaced with custom-coded ones. The new trident would also automatically release after it was fully charged to accommodate players who may have higher ping.[3]
  • In MCC 18, animated textures were added to the Launch Pads.[4]
  • In MCC 23, the entire game was re-coded and re-designed to have specific checkpoints notification and indicator, as well as new power-ups, including the Jump Pad, Aqua Jets, Slow Fields, and Moving Walls.
    • Tridents, Dolphin’s Grace and Elytra are now either be given or taken away at specific checkpoints.
    • Elytras have to be triggered manually.
    • For the maps of Turtle Run and Yeti Set Go!, the tridents are nerfed to a lower enchantment level.
    • There are now time indicators for each checkpoint, lap and course completion in the game, as well as a personal best system.
  • Antfrost, Purpled, Illumina, and PeteZahHutt are the only players to have placed first on multiple Ace Race maps, with Antfrost and Purpled having done so on two different maps, Illumina on four and PeteZahHutt on six.


Event Changes
MCC 32 Introduced a new map, Clouds II
MCC 30 Alternate routes are introduced, changing the map event-by-event.
MCC 28 Introduced a new map, Yeti Set Go!
MCC 23 - Ace Race is recoded, and introduce new mechanics and changes:
 •  A new checkpoints system, which designate different sections.
 •  Players no longer constantly have items and buffs, instead specific items and buffs are given at a specific checkpoint, and removed at the next checkpoint.
 •  Elytra will now have to be triggered manually, and will be taken away when the player lands.
 •  New map features include Jump Pads, Slow Fields, Aqua Jets and Moving Walls.
- Introduced a new map, Turtle Run.
MCC 16 - Introduced a new custom trident, which eliminates player collision while using, and will automatically fire when charged fully.
- The scoring was slightly tweaked, and is still in use to this day.
MCC 15 A new scoring system was introduced, which give a bonus for player placement:
 •  400Coin = player who finishes 1st, decreasing by 10Coin for every subsequent finish.
 •  Players who do not finish will not get any coins.
 •  Bonuses are also awarded:
ㅤ •  1st place: 400Coin
ㅤ •  2nd place: 250Coin
ㅤ •  3rd place: 175Coin
ㅤ •  4th-9th place: 100Coin
ㅤ •  10th-14th place: 50Coin
ㅤ •  15th-19th place: 25Coin
MCC 14 Introduced a new map, Space Race.
MCC JJ - Game time reduced from 12 minutes to 10 minutes.
- Players now render invisible when coming close to each other.
MCC 12 Introduced a new map, Python's Crypt.
MCC 8 Players now receive Dolphin's Grace and Depth Strider boots.
MCC 7 - Game introduced and debut.
- Introduced map Clouds.
- Scoring:
 •  500Coin = player who finishes 1st, decreasing by 12.5Coin for every subsequent finish.
 •  Players who do not finish will not get any coins.


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