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Ace Race is a racing/movement game in MC Championship. This game replaced Foot Race starting in MCC7.

"Python's Crypt" map introduced in MCC12.

"Space Race" map introduced in MCC14.


Similar to Foot Race, Ace Race is a parkour-based racing game where contestants are spawned onto a track and must complete three laps around it within 10 minutes (formerly 12 minutes) in order to win the game. Players are given a Riptide 2 trident which players can use to travel through the water sections, in addition to an Elytra for use in flying sections. There are also jump pads, boost pads, and various lakes for use of the trident. Unlike Foot Race, PvP is disabled in this gamemode.

Coin Rewards

400 coins are rewarded to the person who finishes 1st, decreasing by 10 coins for every placement. Players who do not finish will not get any coins.

Bonuses are also rewarded:

  • 1st place: 300 bonus coins
  • 2nd place: 240 bonus coins
  • 3rd place: 180 bonus coins
  • 4th-9th place: 120 bonus coins
  • 10-14th place: 60 bonus coins
  • 15-19th place: 15 bonus coins

Official Description

Ace Race is a three lap race around a big track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Sprint, jump, and fly as fast as you can, and avoid obstacles to get the fastest time possible! Boost launchers line the track to send you gliding across the course, while vast pools allow you to riptide your way to victory!

Appearances and Overview

Tournament Round Number Map Fastest Completion
MCC 7 6 Clouds  Fundy (6:19.40)
MCC 8 4  PeteZahHutt (5:48.15)
MCC 9 6  PeteZahHutt (5:41.55)
MCC 10 6  PeteZahHutt (5:30.55)
MCC 11 4  Technoblade (5:14.80)
MCC 12 5 Python's Crypt  Fruitberries (5:18.20)
MCC JJ 8  SB737 (5:10.30)
MCC 13 4  HBomb94 (4:44.00)
MCC 14 6 Space Race  Smajor1995 (6:04:85)
MCC P21 1 Clouds  Technoblade (5:30.25)
MCC 15 6 Space Race  Illumina (5:23.30)
MCC 16 6  Punz (5:15.70)
MCC 17 6 Python's Crypt  PeteZahHutt (4:33.00)
MCC R 2 Clouds  OwengeJuice (5:40.65)
MCC 18 4  Illumina (5:28.20)


Map Fastest Completion Fastest Lap
Clouds Technoblade
Python's Crypt PeteZahHutt
Space Race Punz


  • Before MCC 16, this game suffered from a trident collision bug that happen when players "bumped" to each other during riptide mode.
    • This was fixed in MCC 16, with tridents being custom coded. In exchange, the trident would auto eject after the trident is fully charged to accommodate people who may have higher pings.
  1. Ace Race Statistics up to date as of MCC 17