MCChampionship Wiki

These are all the changes and updates from Season 1 of MC Championship.

MC Championship 1

MC Championship 2

  • Added a new PVP based game, Battle Box.
  • Added a new map (Classic) to Rocket Spleef.
  • Added checkpoints for sub-sections in Parkour Warrior instead of Stages as it was previously.
  • MCC was updated to Minecraft Version 1.15
  • Sweet berry bushes were removed on the first shortcut in Foot Race.
  • Dodgebolt
    • 1 arrow is put on each side of the arena instead of both being in the center.
    • Players can now get banners for the team they want to support.
    • The borders of the arena now shrink with each death

MC Championship 3

MC Championship 4

  • Theme: Easter
    • Hub Mini-game: Easter Egg Hunt - 20 easter eggs randomly hidden around the map to use them as extra votes
    • Chickens were replaced with rabbits in the decision dome.
    • Coins were switched to golden easter eggs.
    • Added Easter-themed builds to Big Sales at Build Mart.
    • Added Easter Eggs! map to Rocket Spleef to fit in with the Easter theme.
    • Dodgebolt is changed to Eggbolt, with slingshots and eggs instead of bows and arrows.
  • Added Basins and Skydive maps to TGTTOS.
  • Chickens were changed to fans in TGTTOS.
  • Added a new map (Courtyard) to Battle Box.
  • Added The Audience Takeover, where fans can vote for the 5th game to be played in the event.
  • Parkour Warrior course is altered slightly.

MC Championship 5

  • Added a new game, Sands of Time.

MC Championship 6

  • Theme: Pride
    • Music and hub is changed for the theme.
    • Each coin is worth 10 cents, donated to NAACP.
    • Rainbow particles are added to arrows in Dodgebolt.
  • To Get To The Other Side (TGTTOS)
    • To Get To The Other Side (TGTTOS) is renamed to To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan (TGTTOSAWAF)
    • Re-added Boats and Doors maps to TGTTOSAWAF.
    • Added Fans' names when players hit them at the end of each round of TGTTOSAWAF.
  • Hole In The Wall
    • Added a beach-themed map for Hole In The Wall
    • Added "Sike Walls" to Hole in The Wall
  • Rocket Spleef
    • Added Double Rainbow! map to fit in with the Pride theming.
    • Added "TNT Time" in the middle of a round, when players will lose their firework rockets and TNT will start dropping.
  • Parkour Warrior course was altered slightly.
  • Added the farm area from World of Cars to Survival Games.
  • Lockout Bingo was retired being replaced with with Bingo But Fast, with the "unfun mechanics" being removed.
    • All players would now receive saturation, removing the need of hunger management.
    • All players would now start with a Sharpness 2 iron sword, and a set of tools enchanting with Efficiency 3, as well as torches.
    • All players would also receive constant Speed 2 throughout the game.

MC Championship 7

  • Decision Dome
    • Yellow tiles were added, signifying a new game or changes in that game.
    • The "Fire Bomb" powerup was added.
  • Parkour Warrior
    • Longer and more difficult stages
    • Completion points changed from 1000 to 800.
  • Big Sales At Build Mart
    • Block subtitles are added to help players who were colorblind.
    • Enabled flying in the plot area.
  • Foot Race was retired being replaced with Ace Race coming with a new map (Clouds).
  • Reintroduced Trenches for Battle Box
  • Spawners now drop coins in Sands of Time.
  • Dodgebolt is changed from Best of 3 to Best of 5.
  • The winning team will now have a crown besides their name after winning the event.

MC Championship 8

  • Ace Race
    • Certain parts of the map were tweaked.
    • Players will now receive Dolphin's Grace when in water. Depth Strider was also added to players.
  • Battle Box
    • New map: Canal
    • Players cannot damage themselves in their rooms anymore.
    • Item dropping is disabled to prevent sharing of items.
  • Big Sales At Build Mart
    • Number of plots reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Furnaces now have unremovable lava buckets.
    • A build mart layout/map is now added in each team's build area.
    • Material Randomization is introduced
  • Bingo But Fast
    • Added a teleportation pearl to teleport to teammates or spawn.
    • Crafted items will now disappear on craft.
  • Rocket Spleef
    • Rocket launcher now has a clip size of 3.
    • More TNTs during TNT Time.
    • Jump heights are back to normal.
  • Sands of Time
    • Overall amount of sand in the map is reduced.
    • There are now 20% penalty on coins upon death for a player.
    • Extra challenges are added below the sand timer.
    • Coins banked throughout the game are evenly split among players at the end.
    • Added a parkour course at the end for players that exit the map.
  • Players will now start will full saturation in Survival Games.
  • Players will now lose their bows when they cross their team lines in Dodgebolt.

MC Championship 9

  • Players will now be replaced with NPCs of themselves if they are disconnected from an elimination-based game instead of immediately dying.
  • Vote counts will now be displayed after a game is chosen in the Decision Dome.
  • Added a new game: Sky Battle, rotated in place of Skyblockle.
  • A new map (Train Station) is added to Battle Box.
  • Several stages are modified in Parkour Warrior.
  • Added the new Tasty Burger map to Rocket Spleef.
  • Spot to place sand is changed slightly for Sands of Time.
  • A Sumo minigame is added at the top of the mountain in the hub.

MC Championship 10

MC Championship 11

  • Theme: Halloween
  • Battle Box map is changed to Haunted House.
  • Bingo But Fast is now located in the Nether Dimension
  • MCC is now updated to Minecraft version 1.16.
  • Changed Audience Takeover to Audience Blockout, where fans votes for the game they don't want to be played. The winning game will be the one that has the least amount of votes.

MC Championship 12

MC Championship 13

  • Theme: Festive
  • Parkour Tag
    • Runners who got tagged will now turn into a spectator.
    • Once a runner got tagged, the hunter will now flash slightly to help the runners.