MCChampionship Wiki

These are all the changes and updates from the special events in MC Championship.

Yogscast's Jingle Jam MCC

MC Championship Pride 2021

  • The Hub received a lot of pride theme decoration. A completely unique coin was given for the winners of the event.
  • The Decision Dome received some pride-themed decoration.
  • TGTTOSAWAF received a lot of pride-themed decoration. For the map Doors, redstone lamps will turn on if you are stepping on the pressure plate for the right door, but players are blocking each other.
  • Survival Games received a lot of pride-themed decoration. Players were able to break leaves after CaptainPuffy got stuck in MCC 14.
  • Battle Box received a new pride map and a creeper egg kit.
  • In Big Sales at Build Mart, pride-themed build would appear on every single golden build. Quartz can now be found on both Nether and Ore islands. Nether brick could now found on both Nether and Brick islands. The logs were retextured to be more similar to vanilla textures.
  • Hole in the Wall received a lot of pride-themed decoration and pride-themed walls! Wall collision was improved.
  • The Parkour Tag lobby received pride-themed decoration and the map received a few map design tweaks. It was changed so that teams would receive more coins if they tagged the other team quicker.
  • Ace Race received pride-themed decorations and was switched back to the map Clouds.
  • Sky Battle received a pride-themed coloration.
  • Dodgebolt received pride-themed decoration and the bows were changed to rainbows. The arrow trails are also rainbow.

MC Championship Rising

  • All 40 participants in this event were "up-and-coming" content creators who have never been in an MCC event before. The teams were selected via application.
  • TGTTOSAWAF was renamed to TGTTOSAWAMCCP (To Get To The Other Side And Whack An MCC Participant).
    • The fans at the end were all replaced with random MCC participants who have participated in MCC.
  • In this event, "classic" maps of some games were brought back:
  • There have been some minor scoring changes for some games:
    • In Survival Games, kill coins were increased, while survival coins were decreased. In TGTTOSAWAMCCP, The first 10 players to finish received a bonus instead of the first 4 and total team bonuses were reduced.

MC Championship All-Stars

  • The pool of games in a single event has reduced from 10 to 9. The game(s) that were not played in the previous event will come first in the Decision Dome for the next event.
  • Battle Box's map is changed to Graffiti, a yet unplayed map of the game.
  • Ace Race's map is changed to Space Race. There are also lights scattered around the map.
  • Hole in the Wall's map is changed to its classic map.
  • A new mystery map is added to TGTTOSAWAF which is called "To The Dome!", a map that is similar to the MCC Lobby Map.
  • All the other maps in Parkour Tag and Sky Battle remained the same as the last event.
  • Big Sales at Build Mart received some bug fixes and accuracy improvements:
    • The exact rotation of all blocks are required to be considered complete. (e.g. stairs, open doors, slabs) Texture rotation is not needed to complete the build (e.g. Door hinges in a wrong position still counts towards the completion)
    • Double slabs are now identical to their full block counterparts.
  • Sands of Time disconnects are now less severe. Competitors who are disconnected will now respawn at the same location (with all of their coins, health and stuff) and given resistance until the resource pack loads for them.
  • TGTTOSAWAF is renamed to "TGTTOSAWAMCCPWHNWAEY" (To Get To The Other Side And Whack An MC Championship Participant Who Has Not Won An Event Yet), with all the competitors who still have not won an event yet being the end goal of the map instead of fans.