MCChampionship Wiki

MCC Live is an event companion website created by Noxcrew that was released to the public on May 26, 2021. It allows viewers to see live score updates, competition leadersboards and links to all the participants' streams. There is also a live countdown to the start of the tournament, and then each event during.

After MCC 16, individual placements would also be included as part of the live updates.


  • The idea of MCC Live was first conceived by Noxcrew back in early 2020 while looking for a solution to provide their audience with an easier way of tracking statistics.
  • Web Developer MagicA550 was contracted in August 2020 for the sole purpose of developing the site.
  • The site ran under the code name "Magic Stats," which was coined by project manager LaurenJuliet, until just a month before launch in May 2021.