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MC Championship 18 was the eighteenth regular MCC event and the twenty-first event overall. It took place on October 23, 2021 (8PM BST).[1] This event was halloween-themed, similar to MCC 11.

An unofficial transcript of the event can be found here, which was made by u/MrOrcaDood on Reddit.


The update video,[2] introducing all the changes, was released a day prior to the event. Since the event was in October, there were many Halloween-related changes.

  • All games were given Halloween-themed decorations.
  • The Main Hub has his own halloween theme including gargoyles, flying bats, ghosts, gravestones, pumpkins and spiders.
  • The Trick or Treat minigame was reintroduced from MCC 11. Between games and during the break, players can collect candies to use special abilities in the Decision Dome. The player that collected the most candies would be crowned as the Pumpkin King.
  • Battle Box received a haunted house map.
  • Big Sales at Build Mart had new spooky Halloween-themed builds to complete.
  • Survival Games:
    • Coins per kills were halved.
    • A new airdrop system was implemented. Coin crates will drop as airdrops, one every 90 seconds for a total of 5 per game. They spawn closer to the center of the map. When an airdrop is announced, a white beacon indicates its location. When it lands, the beacon turns green and when broken, the beacon turns red. They take 8 seconds break, and no tool speeds it up. Breaking them will give 200 coins split with the team.
  • Sky Battle received a new map: Candy Land.
  • Ace Race received the spooky version of the Clouds map from MCC and a texture update on the jump pads.
  • Grid Runners got a Halloween themed map and new mini-games on Halloween theme.
  • Hole in the Wall received a beach map with a giant calmar.
  • Dodgebolt was changed to Witchbolt, similar to MCC 11, with players fighting with magic wands and spells.


Team Members Team Result
Red Ravens
Red Ravens
 Wisp Ph1LzA JackManifoldTV TommyInnit 8th
Orange Oozes
Orange Oozes
 GizzyGazza Mefs TapL Krtzyy 4th
Mustard Mummies
Mustard Mummies
 Sylvee Tubbo Sapnap Smajor1995 latest?cb=202109221519461st
Lime Liches
Lime Liches
 Gee Nelly Illumina CaptainPuffy Fundy 2nd
Green Goblins
Green Goblins
 Grian Nihachu HBomb94 GeminiTay 10th
Cyan Centipedes
Cyan Centipedes
 CaptainSparklez Ranboo Sneegsnag WilburSoot 3rd
Aqua Abominations
Aqua Abominations
 Punz Antfrost Shubble vGumiho 7th
Blue Banshees
Blue Banshees
 5up PeteZahHutt KaraCorvus PearlescentMoon 6th
Violet Vampires
Violet Vampires
 TheOrionSound SolidarityGaming Smallishbeans Seapeekay 9th
Fuchsia Frankensteins
Fuchsia Frankensteins
 Dream awesamdude Quackity GeorgeNotFound 5th



The games announcement image posted to @MCChampionship_ on Twitter (October 20, 2021).

Game 1: Grid Runners Grid Runners

Best Performing Team: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies (1670)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies - 1670
  2. Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations - 1485
  3. Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins - 1280
  4. Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes - 1265
  5. Green Goblins Green Goblins - 1110

Game 2: Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall

(X1.5MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Blue Banshees Blue Banshees (1998)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Punz - 924 (616 unmultiplied)
  2.  Illumina - 780 (520 unmultiplied)
  3.  PearlescentMoon - 756 (504 unmultiplied)
  4.  GeorgeNotFound - 720 (480 unmultiplied)
  5.  Fundy - 663 (442 unmultiplied)

Game 3: Battle Box Battle Box

(1.5XMCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies (2663)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Sapnap - 840 (560 unmultipled)
  2.  Krtzyy - 652.5 (435 unmultipled)
  3.  Tubbo - 637.5 (425 unmultipled)
  4.  Smajor1995 - 615 (410 unmultipled)
  5.  Mefs - 607.5 (405 unmultipled)

Game 4: Ace Race Ace Race

(2XMCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes (3120)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Illumina - 5:28.20
  2.  PeteZahHutt - 5:39.70
  3.  TommyInnit - 5:42.10
  4.  Mefs - 5:45.30
  5.  Krtzyy - 5:45.55

Top 5 fastest laps:

  1.  Antfrost - 01:46.45
  2.  PeteZahHutt - 01:47.05
  3.  Illumina - 01:47.50
  4.  TommyInnit - 01:49.80
  5.  Illumina - 01:50.05


(2XMCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins (2606)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Dream - 1268 (634 unmultiplied)
  2.  Sapnap - 860 (430 unmultiplied)
  3.  Illumina - 848 (424 unmultiplied)
  4.  Tubbo - 826 (413 unmultiplied)
  5.  Punz - 786 (393 unmultiplied)

Game 6: Big Sales at Build Mart Big Sales at Build Mart

(2.5XMCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies (4150)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies - 4150
  2. Lime Liches Lime Liches - 3770
  3. Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes - 2880
  4. Blue Banshees Blue Banshees - 2660
  5. Green Goblins Green Goblins - 2630

Game 7: Sands of Time Sands of Time

(2.5XMCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Lime Liches Lime Liches (4073)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Lime Liches Lime Liches - 4073
  2. Violet Vampires Violet Vampires - 4060
  3. Orange Oozes Orange Oozes - 3795
  4. Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins - 3760
  5. Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies - 3455

Game 8: Survival Games Survival Games

(3XMCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes (4461)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Illumina - 1308 (436 unmultiplied)
  2.  TapL - 1260 (420 unmultiplied)
  3.  Sapnap - 1170 (390 unmultiplied)
  4.  CaptainSparklez - 1146 (382 unmultiplied)
  5.  WilburSoot - 1140 (380 unmultiplied)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes - 4461
  2. Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies - 4383
  3. Orange Oozes Orange Oozes - 4038
  4. Lime Liches Lime Liches - 3603
  5. Green Goblins Green Goblins - 2922

Witchbolt Witchbolt

Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies vs. Lime Liches Lime Liches

Round 1: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies win.

Round 2: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies win.

Round 3: Lime Liches Lime Liches win.

Round 4: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies win.

Result: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies 3-1 Lime Liches Lime Liches

Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies win MCC 18!

Team Standings

Standing Team Coins Total
1 Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies 21661
2 Lime Liches Lime Liches 20204
3 Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes 19373
4 Orange Oozes Orange Oozes 18138
5 Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins 17584
6 Blue Banshees Blue Banshees 16755
7 Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations 16250
8 Red Ravens Red Ravens 14734
9 Violet Vampires Violet Vampires 14320
10 Green Goblins Green Goblins 13293

Individual Standings

Standing Player Coin Total
1  Illumina 3486
2  Sapnap 3181
3  Dream 3008
4  Punz 2696
5  Fundy 2682
6  Tubbo_Clone_ 2679
7  Smajor1995 2660
8  GeorgeNotFound 2579
9  Krtzyy 2571
10  Antfrost 2551
11  CaptainSparklez 2531
12  Sneegsnag 2504
13  PeteZahHutt 2454
14  Ranboo 2429
15  Mefs 2390
16  Sylvee 2317
17  TapL 2192
18  WilburSoot 2170
19  TommyInnit 2157
20  5up 2155
21  PearlescentMoon 2130
22  CaptainPuffy 1934
23  Seapeekay 1846
24  SolidarityGaming 1829
25  HBomb94 1791
26  Wisp 1771
27  Grian 1751
28  GeeNelly 1747
29  Smallishbeans 1731
30  Ph1LzA 1723
31  TheOrionSound 1645
32  Shubble 1630
33  vGumiho 1627
34  Quackity 1623
35  GizzyGazza 1589
36  awesamdude 1589
37  KaraCorvus 1582
38  GeminiTay 1545
39  JackManifoldTV 1544
40  Nihachu 1194


For this MCC, Halloween-themed skins were mandatory.

  • The Red Ravens didn't wear team skins but all had individual costumes:
    • JackManifoldTV had a Joker skin. He also wore a Joker costume in real life.
    • TommyInnit wore a Glare skin (one of the three new possible mobs for Minecraft 1.19).
    • Ph1LzA was the Crow Father.
    • Wisp dressed up as a Jack-O-Lantern.
  • The Orange Oozes dressed up as Ghostbusters.
    • Krtzyy, Mefs and GizzyGazza wore Ghostbusters costumes, while TapL was a ghost.
    • Krtzyy also wore a cat maid costume in real life.
  • The Mustard Mummies dressed up as Scooby Doo characters.
    • Scott, Sylvee, Tubbo and Sapnap were Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Fred respectively,
    • Scott and Sylvee also dressed up as the characters in real life.
  • The Lime Liches dressed up as Shrek characters.
    • Illumina, CaptainPuffy and Gee Nelly were Shrek, Puss in Boots and Lord Farquaad respectively.
    • Fundy did not have a team skin for the event due to only being swapped out hours before the event's start, so he wore a completely black version of his skin with red tears.
  • The Green Goblins dressed up as Peter Pan characters.
    • GeminiTay, HBomb94, Nihachu and Grian were Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook respectively.
    • During the break, they switched their skins so that GeminiTay, HBomb94, and Nihachu wore Grian skins while Grian wore a Mumbo disguise.
  • The Cyan Centipedes didn't have themed team skins.
  • The Aqua Abominations were demonic version of mythology.
  • The Blue Banshees did not have matching team skins.
    • PearlescentMoon was dressed up as a spider.
    • KaraCorvus was dressed like a witch both in real life and in-game.
    • PeteZahHutt wore his normal skin but with ragged and torn clothes.
    • 5up had his regular skin but as a withered version, with black eyes and a creepy smile.
  • The Violet Vampires dressed up as Disney princesses.
  • The Fuchsia Frankensteins all put on Squid Game jumpsuits.


  • This MCC introduced 2 new players: Gee Nelly and awesamdude.
  • This event did not feature some regulars such as Fruitberries, FalseSymmetry and Quig. In order to allow more people to play in the event, Scott asked multiple people to decide on whether they want to play in the Halloween or the festive event.
    • Quig was on a trip to California for the time of the event. This is the first time Quig has missed a regular MCC.
  • Sylvee and Tubbo became some of the longest-participating players to finally win their first MCC, this being Sylvee's 14th MCC and Tubbo's 10th.
    • It was also their first time playing Dodgebolt.
  • Tubbo played on an alt account called 'Tubbo_Clone_', due to his main and usual alt account being compromised.
  • Fundy was taking shots of 50% alcohol during the entire MCC, making him the only participant to have ever played while intoxicated.
    • He also achieved his highest individual placement in Season 2 so far, at 5th place.
  • Ph1LzA, Krtzyy and Dream and George were on the same teams as they were in MCC 11: Red Ravens, Orange Oozes and Fuchsia Frankensteins, respectively.
  • Many players accidentally leaked their teams before the team announcements.
    • Red Ravens' TommyInnit used the phrase "our team" whilst in a call with Ph1LzA, indicating that they were teammates for this event.
    • Fuchsia Frankensteins' Dream and George suggested the same thing by using the same phrase as Tommy's during their Spookcast.
    • Green Goblins' HBomb94 and GeminiTay accidentally leaked their duo during HBomb’s Sands of Time review for MCC R.
    • Mustard Mummies' Tubbo leaked that he was teaming with Smajor1995 while reading a Discord direct message.
      • Even more hilariously, Tubbo also accidentally leaked that MCC All Stars would be the tournament after MCC 18, while using the phrase, "So I really need to win [this MCC] or I can't play an All Stars, which is going to be so depressing. So I really need to win this one, otherwise I'm gonna have to miss the next one."[6]
    • Cyan Centipedes' Ranboo accidentally revealed that he was teaming with WilburSoot on a 'TheAustinShow' Twitch stream.
  • For this MCC, all the members in Violet Vampires participated in the event via LAN, meaning that everyone was in the same room, while playing in the event. They are the first team to do so in the history of MC Championship.[7]


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