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The teams in MC Championship 26 (October 13-14, 2022)

MC Championship 26 was the thirty-first event of MC Championship. It took place on October 22, 2022, at 7 PM GMT (8 PM BST).[1] This event is a Halloween-themed event. In addition to this, Parkour Warrior was introduced back to the games roster with its new mechanics.

An unofficial transcript of the event was made by u/MrOrcaDood and others1 on Reddit, which can be found here.



MC Championship 26 - Parkour Warrior is back! (Minecraft Event)

The update video[2] was released a day prior to the event, focusing on a redesigned Parkour Warrior game, and Halloween changes.

  • Parkour Warrior was introduced back after its last appearance in MCC 11, with redesigned mechanics.
    • Every time players completed a section, players will now have an opportunity to complete the bonus side path.
      • The bonus path will shows its difficulty, and will give player medals from bronze to gold medals, depending on the amount of sections a player completed. The nicer the medal is, the more coins it is worth.
      • Players can teleport out from the bonus path at anytime by using a teleport item.
    • The finishing section is now separated into three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.
      • Every time each team member finished the course, the team coin multiplier will increase for the team. The higher the difficulty, the higher the multiplier is.
    • A graphic is implemented, to indicate the time remaining and the player's progress.
    • The course is now dynamic and modular, making each course different event-by-event.
    • Dynamic obstacles are implemented, focusing on timing and reaction times.
  • The Main Hub as well as all the games got a halloween makeover.
  • Most of the sound effects have been changed to Halloween-themed sound effects, most notably, the time indicator sounds being clock sounds instead.
  • The Trick or Treat minigame was reintroduced from earlier Halloween events. Between games, players can collect sweets to use special abilities in the Decision Dome. The player that collected the most sweets would be crowned as the Pumpkin King.
  • The Decision Dome remix was brought back from earlier Halloween events.
  • Wool blocks and shears used in Battle Box and TGTTOSAWAF are now changed to concrete blocks and pickaxes, similar to MCC Island.
    • This change is implemented to reduce the amount of resource pack switches between games.[3]
  • Battle Box map is changed back to its Halloween map, Haunted House.
  • Hole in the Wall's ghost piston issues are fixed. Instead of a redstone block powering the pistons, a powered button is used instead.
  • Grid Runners received new Halloween-themed rooms.
  • Rocket Spleef Rush's rocket launchers are now armed with pumpkins.
  • TGTTOSAWAF's Shallow Lava, Glide, Launcher, Doors, Cliff, and Siege are to be played.
  • Meltdown's spawn rooms now have at least two doors.
  • Dodgebolt is back to its Halloween rendition of Witchbolt.


Team Members Team Result
Red Ravens
Red Ravens
Red Ravens (Transparent) TommyInnit Red Ravens (Transparent) CaptainSparklez Red Ravens (Transparent) F1NN5TER Red Ravens (Transparent) JackManifoldTV 10th
Orange Oozes
Orange Oozes
Orange Oozes (Transparent) TapL Orange Oozes (Transparent) BadBoyHalo Orange Oozes (Transparent) Antfrost Orange Oozes (Transparent) Eret 8th
Mustard Mummies
Mustard Mummies
Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Sapnap Mustard Mummies (Transparent) 5up Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Snifferish Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Gee Nelly 5th
Lime Liches
Lime Liches
Lime Liches (Transparent) cubfan135 Lime Liches (Transparent) InTheLittleWood Lime Liches (Transparent) PeteZahHutt Lime Liches (Transparent) SolidarityGaming 9th
Green Goblins
Green Goblins
Green Goblins (Transparent) Grian Green Goblins (Transparent) Seapeekay Green Goblins (Transparent) Smallishbeans Green Goblins (Transparent) Wilbur Soot 6th
Cyan Centipedes
Cyan Centipedes
Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Kara Corvus Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krinios Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krtzyy Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Ryguyrocky 3rd
Aqua Abominations
Aqua Abominations
Aqua Abominations (Transparent) aimsey Aqua Abominations (Transparent) HBomb94 Aqua Abominations (Transparent) Smajor1995 Aqua Abominations (Transparent) Sylvee 2nd
Blue Banshees
Blue Banshees
Blue Banshees (Transparent) Foolish Gamers Blue Banshees (Transparent) Punz Blue Banshees (Transparent) Tubbo Blue Banshees (Transparent) vGumiho 7th
Violet Vampires
Violet Vampires
Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries Violet Vampires (Transparent) Ph1LzA Violet Vampires (Transparent) Shubble Violet Vampires (Transparent) TheOrionSound latest?cb=202109221519461st
Fuchsia Frankensteins
Fuchsia Frankensteins
Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Blushi Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Ranboo Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Slimecicle 4th




The games announcement image posted to @MCChampionship_ on Twitter (October 19, 2022).

There are a total of 9 games that could potentially be played in this event, with Ace Race, Big Sales at Build Mart, Parkour Tag and Survival Games, not being in the selection. This event re-introduces Parkour Warrior.

Game 1: Parkour Warrior Parkour Warrior

Best Performing Team: Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins (1193)

Top 5 players:

  1. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled - 407
  2. Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries - 339
  3. Lime Liches (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 327
  4. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Ranboo - 317
  5. Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krinios - 301

Game 2: Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall

(X1.5Coin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Lime Liches Lime Liches (1863)

Top 5 players:

  1. Lime Liches (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 1035.0 (690 unmultiplied)
  2. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled - 780.0 (520 unmultiplied)
  3. Green Goblins (Transparent) Smallishbeans - 711.0 (474 unmultiplied)
  4. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Ranboo - 636.0 (424 unmultiplied)
  5. Orange Oozes (Transparent) Antfrost - 606.0 (404 unmultiplied)

Game 3: Battle Box Battle Box

(X1.5Coin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations (2115)

Top 5 players:

  1. Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Sapnap - 720.0 (480 unmultiplied)
  2. Aqua Abominations (Transparent) Sylvee - 652.5 (435 unmultiplied)
  3. Aqua Abominations (Transparent) HBomb94 - 607.5 (405 unmultiplied)
  4. Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krtzyy, Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries - 570.0 (380 unmultiplied)

Game 4: Grid Runners Grid Runners

(X2.0Coin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins (2632)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins - 2632
  2. Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes - 2392
  3. Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations - 2254
  4. Red Ravens Red Ravens - 2214
  5. Green Goblins Green Goblins - 2148

Game 5: Sky Battle Sky Battle

(X2.0Coin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies (3688)

Top 5 players:

  1. Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Sapnap - 1500.0 (750 unmultiplied)
  2. Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries - 1300.0 (650 unmultiplied)
  3. Mustard Mummies (Transparent) 5up - 1148.0 (574 unmultiplied)
  4. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled - 1132.0 (566 unmultiplied)
  5. Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krtzyy - 1000.0 (500 unmultiplied)

Game 6: Meltdown Meltdown

(X2.5Coin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Blue Banshees Blue Banshees (3925)

Top 5 players:

  1. Blue Banshees (Transparent) Foolish Gamers - 1215.0 (486 unmultiplied)
  2. Blue Banshees (Transparent) Punz - 1152.5 (461 unmultiplied)
  3. Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krtzyy - 942.5 (377 unmultiplied)
  4. Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries - 907.5 (363 unmultiplied)
  5. Aqua Abominations (Transparent) HBomb94 - 890.0 (356 unmultiplied)


(X2.5Coin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes (3835)

Top 5 players:

  1. Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krtzyy - 1297.5 (519 unmultiplied)
  2. Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries - 1245.0 (498 unmultiplied)
  3. Orange Oozes (Transparent) TapL - 1290.0 (476 unmultiplied)
  4. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled - 1117.5 (447 unmultiplied)
  5. Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krinios - 1085.0 (434 unmultiplied)

Game 8: Rocket Spleef Rush Rocket Spleef Rush

(3.0XCoin Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations (4449)

Top 5 players:

  1. Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled - 2271.0 (757 unmultiplied)
  2. Aqua Abominations (Transparent) Smajor1995 - 1782.0 (594 unmultiplied)
  3. Lime Liches (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 1596.0 (532 unmultiplied)
  4. Orange Oozes (Transparent) BadBoyHalo, Mustard Mummies (Transparent) 5up - 1569.0 (523 unmultiplied)

Dodgebolt Dodgebolt

Violet Vampires Violet Vampires vs. Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations

Round 1: Violet Vampires Violet Vampires win.

Round 2: Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations win.

Round 3: Violet Vampires Violet Vampires win.

Round 4: Violet Vampires Violet Vampires win.

Result: Violet Vampires Violet Vampires 3-1 Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations


MC Championship 26
Violet Vampires
Violet Vampires
Violet Vampires (Transparent) TheOrionSound
Crown 2nd
Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries
Crown 3rd
Violet Vampires (Transparent) Shubble
Crown 3rd
Violet Vampires (Transparent) Ph1LzA
Crown 4th

Final Team Standings

Standing Teams Coins Total
1 Violet Vampires Violet Vampires 17,980
2 Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations 17,311
3 Cyan Centipedes Cyan Centipedes 17,255
4 Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins 16,985
5 Mustard Mummies Mustard Mummies 16,778
6 Green Goblins Green Goblins 16,432
7 Blue Banshees Blue Banshees 16,322
8 Orange Oozes Orange Oozes 15,628
9 Lime Liches Lime Liches 15,138
10 Red Ravens Red Ravens 12,008

Final Individual Standings

Standing Player Coins Total
1 Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled 3,429
2 Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries 3,166
3 Lime Liches (Transparent) PeteZahHutt 2,845
4 Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Sapnap 2,840
5 Aqua Abominations (Transparent) HBomb94 2,756
6 Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krtzy 2,723
7 Mustard Mummies (Transparent) 5uppps 2,657
8 Orange Oozes (Transparent) Antfrost 2,594
9 Green Goblins (Transparent) Smallishbeans 2,512
10 Blue Banshees (Transparent) Punz 2,363
11 Violet Vampires (Transparent) Ph1LzA 2,319
12 Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Krinios 2,309
13 Blue Banshees (Transparent) Tubbo_ 2,296
14 Green Goblins (Transparent) Seapeekay 2,280
15 Aqua Abominations (Transparent) Smajor1995 2,205
16 Aqua Abominations (Transparent) sylvee_ 2,111
17 Blue Banshees (Transparent) FoolishG 2,063
17 Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Ranboo 2,063
19 Orange Oozes (Transparent) TapL 1,930
20 Orange Oozes (Transparent) BadBoyHalo 1,922
21 Violet Vampires (Transparent) OrionSound 1,901
22 Green Goblins (Transparent) Grian 1,841
23 Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) Kryguyrocky 1,836
24 Lime Liches (Transparent) InTheLittleWood 1,822
25 Cyan Centipedes (Transparent) KaraCorvus 1,797
26 Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Blushi 1,748
27 Red Ravens (Transparent) TommyInnit 1,723
28 Red Ravens (Transparent) CaptainSparklez 1,674
29 Lime Liches (Transparent) cubfan135 1,649
30 Mustard Mummies (Transparent) Snifferish 1,629
31 Violet Vampires (Transparent) ShubbleYT 1,610
32 Green Goblins (Transparent) WilburSoot 1,556
33 Mustard Mummies (Transparent) GeeNelly 1,471
34 Blue Banshees (Transparent) vGumiho 1,468
35 Aqua Abominations (Transparent) aimsey 1,405
36 Red Ravens (Transparent) F1NN5TER 1,367
37 Red Ravens (Transparent) JackManifoldTV 1,365
38 Lime Liches (Transparent) SolidarityGaming 1,323
39 Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Slimecicle 1,214
40 Orange Oozes (Transparent) The_Eret 1,139


For this event, halloween-themed skins were mandatory. Players who did not wear a costume would be forced to wear a ghost skin throughout th event.

  • The Red Ravens didn't have themed team skins. All but TommyInnit had individual costumes.
    • JackManifoldTV had a Elsa skin. He also wore a Elsa costume in real life.
    • TommyInnit was forced to wear a ghost skin again from the Noxcrew due to the lack of a Halloween skin. This had happened before in MCC 11.
  • The Mustard Mummies didn't have themed team skins but all had individual costumes:
    • Gee Nelly wore a mummy costume of herself.
    • Sapnap wore his MCC 25 skin, Jett from Valorant, again, due to him being skeptical of closing out Minecraft on the sketchy computer he was using (he was using someone else's computer at the time despite having a Halloween skin link to use). Ironically it counted as a Halloween skin.[8]
    • Snifferish wore a Minion skin of themselves.
  • The Lime Liches dressed up as Ghostbusters.
  • The Green Goblins dressed up as Wilbur Soot.
  • The Cyan Centipedes dressed up as DC characters.
  • The Blue Banshees dressed up as Valorant characters.
  • The Violet Vampires dressed up as Adventure Time characters
  • The Fuchsia Frankensteins didn't have themed team skins.
    • Purpled wore a hoodie matching the team colour.
    • Blushi dressed up as Lavagirl from the movie, "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl". Additionally, she posted a picture, wearing this costume in real life in 2021.[9]
    • Slimecicle dressed up as The Riddler from DC Comics. He also dressed up as this exact costume in real life.
    • Ranboo dressed up as Chell from the Portal series. He also dressed up as Chell in real life.


  • This event's update video as well as the rule video saw the change of thumbnail style, matching the patch announcements from MCC Island.
  • Ryguyrocky played on an alt account named Kryguyrocky.


  • As this was the Halloween event multiple participants had to choose whether to play in this event or the following festive event, MCC 28. Some participants include Hannahxxrose, Antfrost and Illumina choose to play in the festive event. However, Antfrost eventually subbed in for Skeppy.
  • Before the team announcements, some players have stated their absences for this event.
    • jojosolos did not sign up for this event. This was the first event she missed since her joining the main rosterin MCC 21.[10]
    • PearlescentMoon did not sign up for this event as she would get back from America too close to the date of the event.[11]
    • Quig did not sign up due to him being on a trip during the event.[12]
    • GoodTimesWithScar did not sign up due to him wanting to prepare the Hermit Charity event. This is the first event he missed since his debut in MCC 20.[13]
  • This event is the third regular event that did not have any new players.
  • This is the second time that no Hermitcraft members are teamed up with each other.
  • This event is the second event where Sapnap is the only Dream Team member featured. With this, he has been in more events than Dream and GeorgeNotFound.
  • This event contains the least amount of players who have not won a regular event before this event of 8 players, tied with MCC 30 and MCC 34. (aimsey, Blushi, Foolish Gamers, Gee Nelly, JackManifoldTV, Ranboo, Slimecicle, and vGumiho)


  • The Violet Vampires broke several team records during this tournament.
    • They are the first team to not finish 1st in any game, but finish 1st overall.
    • They became the lowest scoring winning team ever, scoring 17,980 coins. They scored 318 coins less than the previous record, 18,298 coins by MCC 25's Green Geckos.
    • They are the first winning team consisting of previous winners.
    • They are the first winning team to have a player to place in each quarter of the individual leaderboard
  • This event broke Fruitberries's Dodgebolt losing streak, having finally won an event after 5 consecutive Dodgebolt losses. This event also marks the first time he has won on a team color other than blue.
  • This is the 1st event since MCC 4 that a purple colored team won.
  • Sapnap finishes 1st individually in Battle Box for a third event in a row.


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