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The teams in MC Championship 33 (July 27-28, 2023)

MC Championship 33 was the fourtieth event of MC Championship. It took place on August 5, 2023, at 8 PM BST.[1] This event introduces a Sky Battle remix from MCC Island, Water Fight.

An unofficial transcript of the event was made by u/MrOrcaDood and others1 on Reddit, which can be found here.



MCC 33 - Update Video- Sky Battle gets Wet and Wild!

The update video[2] was released a day prior to the event, with an introduction of a remix from MCC Island, Water Fight.

  • A remix from MCC Island is introduced for Sky Battle, Water Fight. This remix introduces the Hydroblaster, a rapid shooting weapon to the game. Water now also takes damage when touched.
    • To refill the Hydroblaster, water bottles can be used to fill up to 25 shots at a time. Players can reload the gun via left-click or automatically when there's no shots left in the gun.
    • Unlike MCC Island's version, this remix uses the regular health system with hunger and hearts being vanilla. Players can heal themselves using health potions and saturation from food as per usual. Usual MCC Island exclusive items like Sparks and Orbs are also not in this remix.
    • A new map is introduced for this remix, Sandyland, where players do not need to bridge in the game to survive.
    • The old kill notification system is used only for this remix.
  • Battle Box's map is changed back to Double Trouble, with the same concept of two capture points, but with regular items instead of tridents. Win scores are now also awarded to draws, spread across all the players in the match-up.
  • Grid Runners got two new rooms.
  • Hole in the Wall got a brand new map from MCC Island, Fishbowl.
  • Parkour Tag's map is changed back to The Dustbowl. According to the admin stream, this map received some slight changes.
  • Rocket Spleef Rush now has a new Overtime system, where after the time runs out, the platform will start to decay slowly until there is only one winner or one winning team. This replaces the height scoring system.
    • In addition to this, Classic and Temple were revealed to be two of the maps in the game. The other was undisclosed, later revealed to be Construction
  • The old Sands of Time timer starting sound was added back after it being missing after Season 1.
    • A new obstacle is introduced for the gold key parkour.
  • The timer at the top GUI now shows text alongside the countdown for when the game is starting or going back to the hub.


Team Members Team Result
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits (Transparent) Sapnap Red Rabbits (Transparent) Ponk Red Rabbits (Transparent) Punz Red Rabbits (Transparent) vGumiho latest?cb=202109221519462nd
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) PearlescentMoon Orange Ocelots (Transparent) OwengeJuice Orange Ocelots (Transparent) jojosolos Orange Ocelots (Transparent) aimsey 3rd
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) CaptainSparklez Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Shadoune666 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) TheOrionSound 1st
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Guqqie Lime Llamas (Transparent) OllieGamerz Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled Lime Llamas (Transparent) Snifferish 7th
Green Geckos
Green Geckos
Green Geckos (Transparent) DarkEyebrows Green Geckos (Transparent) Krinios Green Geckos (Transparent) Ph1LzA Green Geckos (Transparent) Ranboo 8th
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Smajor1995 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) EthosLab Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FireBreathMan Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) GoodTimesWithScar 4th
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Illumina Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) impulseSV Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Smallishbeans Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Sneegsnag 6th
Blue Bats
Blue Bats
Blue Bats (Transparent) AntVenom Blue Bats (Transparent) Sylvee Blue Bats (Transparent) hannahxxrose Blue Bats (Transparent) Wallibear 9th
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay Purple Pandas (Transparent) cubfan135 Purple Pandas (Transparent) FalseSymmetry 5th
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots (Transparent) bekyamon Pink Parrots (Transparent) JackManifoldTV Pink Parrots (Transparent) TommyInnit Pink Parrots (Transparent) Tubbo 10th



The games announcement image posted to @MCChampionship_ on Twitter (July 12, 2023).

There were a total of 9 games that could potentially have been played in this event, with Big Sales at Build Mart, Parkour Warrior, Survival Games, and TGTTOSAWAF being benched. This event introduces a remix for Sky Battle.

Game 1: Rocket Spleef Rush Rocket Spleef Rush

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (1449)

Top 5 players:

  1. Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled - 731
  2. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 607
  3. Red Rabbits (Transparent) Punz - 535
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries - 531
  5. Green Geckos (Transparent) Ph1LzA - 471

Game 2: Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall (x1.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (1932)

Top 5 players:

  1. Red Rabbits (Transparent) Punz - 705 (470 unmultiplied)
  2. Green Geckos (Transparent) Krinios - 681 (454 unmultiplied)
  3. Red Rabbits (Transparent) Sapnap - 675 (450 unmultiplied)
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries - 654 (436 unmultiplied)
  5. Green Geckos (Transparent) Ranboo - 645 (430 unmultiplied)

Game 3: Sky Battle Sky BattleRemixIcon (x1.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (3376)

Top 5 players:

  1. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries - 1398 (932 unmultiplied)
  2. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) jojosolos - 1087 (725 unmultiplied)
  3. Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled - 910 (607 unmultiplied)
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 735 (490 unmultiplied)
  5. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 669 (446 unmultiplied)

Game 4: Meltdown Meltdown (x2.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots (3440)

Top 5 players:

  1. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Owenge_Juice - 1110 (555 unmultiplied)
  2. Pink Parrots (Transparent) Tubbo_ - 1060 (530 unmultiplied)
  3. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 866 (433 unmultiplied)
  4. Pink Parrots (Transparent) bekyamon - 860 (430 unmultiplied)
  5. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) PearlescentMoon and Orange Ocelots (Transparent) jojosolos - 810 (405 unmultiplied)

Game 5: Battle Box Battle Box (x2.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (3520)

Top 5 players:

  1. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries - 1120 (560 unmultiplied)
  2. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 970 (485 unmultiplied)
  3. Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled - 900 (450 unmultiplied)
  4. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 820 (410 unmultiplied)
  5. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) OrionSound - 760 (380 unmultiplied)

Game 6: Ace Race Ace Race (x2.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (4262)

Top 5 players:

  1. Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 07:37.00
  2. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries - 07:45.10
  3. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay - 07:46.35
  4. Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled - 07:51.65
  5. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) jojosolos - 07:51.65

Top 5 fastest laps:

  1. Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 02:28.10
  2. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay - 02:30.20
  3. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay - 02:31.20
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries - 02:32.40
  5. Red Rabbits (Transparent) Sapnap - 02:32.45

Game 7: Grid Runners Grid Runners (x2.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (3560)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls - 3560
  2. Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks - 3395
  3. Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes - 2862
  4. Purple Pandas Purple Pandas - 2727
  5. Red Rabbits Red Rabbits - 2725

Game 8: Sands of Time Sands of Time (x3.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits (4300)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Red Rabbits Red Rabbits - 4300
  2. Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots - 3555
  3. Purple Pandas Purple Pandas - 3555
  4. Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes - 3453
  5. Blue Bats Blue Bats - 2820

Dodgebolt Dodgebolt

Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks vs. Red Rabbits Red Rabbits

Round 1: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks win.

Round 2: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits win.

Round 3: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits win.

Round 4: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks win.

Round 5: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits win.

Result: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks 2-3 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits


MC Championship 31
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits (Transparent) Sapnap
Crown 6th
Red Rabbits (Transparent) Ponk
Crown 1st
Red Rabbits (Transparent) Punz
Crown 3rd
Red Rabbits (Transparent) vGumiho
Crown 1st

Final Team Standings

Standing Teams Coins Total
1 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks 21,138
2 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits 17,810
3 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots 17,608
4 Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes 17,419
5 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas 17,217
6 Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls 15,916
7 Lime Llamas Lime Llamas 14,744
8 Green Geckos Green Geckos 13,278
9 Blue Bats Blue Bats 12,930
10 Pink Parrots Pink Parrots 11,941

Final Individual Standings

Standing Player Coins Total
1 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) fruitberries 3,772
2 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FireBreathMan 3,285
3 Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled 3,235
4 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Punz 2,887
5 Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt 2,846
6 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Sapnap 2,821
7 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) jojosolos 2,660
8 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Shadoune666 2,590
9 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Owenge_Juice 2,450
10 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Illumina 2,442
11 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) CaptainSparklez 2,397
12 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Smajor1995 2,375
13 Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay 2,369
14 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) OrionSound 2,143
15 Green Geckos (Transparent) Krinios 2,067
16 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Smallishbeans 1,960
17 Green Geckos (Transparent) Ranboo 1,922
18 Green Geckos (Transparent) Ph1LzA 1,920
19 Blue Bats (Transparent) Wallibear 1,910
20 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Sneegsnag 1,888
21 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) PearlescentMoon 1,876
22 Pink Parrots (Transparent) Tubbo_ 1,864
23 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) impulseSV 1,784
24 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) aimsey 1,714
25 Blue Bats (Transparent) AntVenom 1,679
26 Blue Bats (Transparent) hannahxxrose 1,678
27 Lime Llamas (Transparent) OllieGamerz 1,660
28 Purple Pandas (Transparent) falsesymmetry 1,647
29 Red Rabbits (Transparent) vGumiho 1,613
30 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) GoodTimeWithScar 1,607
31 Purple Pandas (Transparent) cubfan135 1,466
32 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Etho 1,445
33 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Ponk 1,420
34 Lime Llamas (Transparent) Snifferish 1,388
35 Pink Parrots (Transparent) TommyInnit 1,367
36 Pink Parrots (Transparent) JackManifoldTV 1,327
37 Pink Parrots (Transparent) bekyamon 1,283
38 Lime Llamas (Transparent) guqqie 1,275
39 Blue Bats (Transparent) sylvee_ 1,194
40 Green Geckos (Transparent) DarkEyebrows 1,032


  • This event featured one new player: EthosLab.
  • The first game of the event was delayed slightly, after a segment with TommyInnit and EthosLab caused Tubbo to disconnect from the server.


  1. ^  The transcript was done by MrOrcaDood, Lotte, SuperStein, Trihardent, HenToPen, Salmonpie, Phowenix, Myriel, ParaStoria and Etoine.


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