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The teams in MC Championship 34 (September 7-8, 2023)

MC Championship 34 was forty-second event of MC Championship. It took place on September 16, 2023, at 8 PM BST.[1] This event re-introduced Bingo but Fast back to the games roster with new changes.

An unofficial transcript of the event was made by u/MrOrcaDood and others1 on Reddit, which can be found here.



MC Championship 34 - Update Video- Bingo but Fast is BACK! (Minecraft Event)

The update video[2] was released a day prior to the event, with the reintroduction of Bingo but Fast to the main event roster.

  • The map used for Sky Battle is Sandyland in this event, although without the elements of the Water Fight remix.
    • From now on on this map, players can find chests filled with items from MCC Island's version of Sky Battle, for example Orbs and Sparks.
  • This event introduced Bingo but Fast to Season 3's main games roster with a few changes.
    • The Bingo Card has been completely redesigned with multiple changes.
      • The names of the items are now shown on the card.
      • Items can now have quantities, meaning sometimes multiple pieces of an item need to be collected for it to count.
      • Some items are replaced with challenges.
    • Completing five tasks in a row, column or diagonal will now reward the players with bonus coins.
    • Tasks no longer get "locked out" meaning every team can complete all the challenges.
      • Rewarded coins decrease as more teams complete a task, flattening out to 5 coins from the 6th team.
      • The current level of awarded coins is displayed above the task as a yellow bar.
    • At the start of the game, players have a bit of time to run around the starting area and think of tactics.
    • Players receive Elytras and Firework Rockets thoughout the game.
  • Hole in the Wall's map is changed back to Medieval for this event.
  • Parkour Tag's map is The Dustbowl for this event.
  • The maps for TGTTOSAWAF are revealed to be Train, Terra Swoop Force, Shallow Lava, Industry, Siege and To The Dome!


Team Members Team Result
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan Red Rabbits (Transparent) Michaelmcchill Red Rabbits (Transparent) Ranboo Red Rabbits (Transparent) Shubble 3rd
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) CaptainSparklez Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Kara Corvus Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Punz Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Smallishbeans 5th
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost Yellow Yaks (Transparent) BadBoyHalo Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Ryguyrocky Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Skeppy 9th
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Awesamdude Lime Llamas (Transparent) Hannahxxrose Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt Lime Llamas (Transparent) vGumiho 7th
Green Geckos
Green Geckos
Green Geckos (Transparent) Aimsey Green Geckos (Transparent) Guqqie Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled Green Geckos (Transparent) Tubbo 8th
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) OllieGamerz Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sapnap Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Shadoune666 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) VelvetIsCake latest?cb=202109221519461st
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) 5up Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Eret Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) fruitberries Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) SolidarityGaming 4th
Blue Bats
Blue Bats
Blue Bats (Transparent) GeminiTay Blue Bats (Transparent) jojosolos Blue Bats (Transparent) Smajor1995 Blue Bats (Transparent) TheOrionSound 2nd
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas (Transparent) GoodTimesWithScar Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina Purple Pandas (Transparent) InTheLittleWood Purple Pandas (Transparent) Wallibear 6th
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots (Transparent) BajanCanadian Pink Parrots (Transparent) JeromeASF Pink Parrots (Transparent) PrestonPlayz Pink Parrots (Transparent) Vikkstar123 10th



The games announcement image posted to @MCChampionship_ on Twitter (September 13, 2023).

There were a total of 9 games that could potentially have been played in this event, with Ace Race, Battle Box, Big Sales at Build Mart, Rocket Spleef Rush, and Survival Games being benched.

Game 1: Bingo but Fast Bingo but Fast

Best Performing Team: Lime Llamas Lime Llamas & Blue Bats Blue Bats (1580)

Top 5 players:

  1. Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled - 12 challenges
  2. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 10 challenges
  3. Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan, Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) fruitberries, Green Geckos (Transparent) Tubbo_, Lime Llamas (Transparent) awesamdude - 9 challenges

Game 2: Parkour Tag Parkour Tag (x1.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (2100)

Top 5 players:

  1. Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) fruitberries - 696 (464 unmultiplied)
  2. Blue Bats (Transparent) jojosolos - 613 (409 unmultiplied)
  3. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Punz - 517 (345 unmultiplied)
  4. Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 501 (334 unmultiplied)
  5. Blue Bats (Transparent) OrionSound - 499 (333 unmultiplied)

Game 3: Meltdown Meltdown (x1.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots (2227)

Top 5 players:

  1. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Smallishbeans - 828 (552 unmultiplied)
  2. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Punz - 678 (452 unmultiplied)
  3. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sapnap - 600 (400 unmultiplied)
  4. Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 589 (393 unmultiplied)
  5. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 525 (350 unmultiplied)

Game 4: Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall (x2.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits (2728)

Top 5 players:

  1. Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 1220 (610 unmultiplied)
  2. Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 1212 (606 unmultiplied)
  3. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina - 976 (488 unmultiplied)
  4. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Punz - 844 (422 unmultiplied)
  5. Blue Bats (Transparent) jojosolos - 736 (368 unmultiplied)

Game 5: Parkour Warrior Parkour Warrior (x2.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (3674)

Top 5 players:

  1. Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) fruitberries - 1308 (654 unmultiplied)
  2. Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled - 1098 (549 unmultiplied)
  3. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina - 1098 (549 unmultiplied)
  4. Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 1068 (534 unmultiplied)
  5. Blue Bats (Transparent) jojosolos - 1038 (519 unmultiplied)

Game 6: Sky Battle Sky Battle (x2.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes (4597)

Top 5 players:

  1. Blue Bats (Transparent) jojosolos - 2400 (960 unmultiplied)
  2. Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 1620 (648 unmultiplied)
  3. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 1567 (627 unmultiplied)
  4. Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sapnap - 1455 (582 unmultiplied)
  5. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina - 1040 (416 unmultiplied)


Best Performing Team: Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes (3847)

Top 5 players:

  1. Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled - 1447 (579 unmultiplied)
  2. Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 1372 (549 unmultiplied)
  3. Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan - 1275 (510 unmultiplied)
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost - 1135 (454 unmultiplied)
  5. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Wallibear - 1112 (445 unmultiplied)

Game 8: Grid Runners Grid Runners (x3.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Blue Bats Blue Bats (4176)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Blue Bats Blue Bats - 4176
  2. Red Rabbits Red Rabbits - 4119
  3. Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls - 3936
  4. Purple Pandas Purple Pandas - 3792
  5. Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots - 3015

Dodgebolt Dodgebolt

Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes vs. Blue Bats Blue Bats

Round 1: Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes win.

Round 2: Blue Bats Blue Bats win.

Round 3: Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes win.

Round 4: Blue Bats Blue Bats win.

Round 5: Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes win.

Result: Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes 3–2 Blue Bats Blue Bats


MC Championship 34
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) OllieGamerz
Crown 2nd
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sapnap
Crown 7th
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Shadoune666
Crown 2nd
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) VelvetIsCake
Crown 1st

Final Team Standings

Standing Teams Coins Total
1 Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes 20,909
2 Blue Bats Blue Bats 20,735
3 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits 18,713
4 Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls 18,620
5 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots 17,968
6 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas 17,926
7 Lime Llamas Lime Llamas 17,258
8 Green Geckos Green Geckos 15,962
9 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks 14,053
10 Pink Parrots Pink Parrots 7,723

Final Individual Standings

Standing Player Coins Total
1 Blue Bats (Transparent) jojosolos 3,681
2 Red Rabbits (Transparent) FireBreathMan 3,486
3 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) fruitberries 3,132
4 Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt 3,042
5 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Shadoune666 2,938
6 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sapnap 2,886
7 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Punz 2,741
8 Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina 2,722
9 Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled 2,665
10 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Smallishbeans 2,561
11 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost 2,485
12 Purple Pandas (Transparent) Wallibear 2,422
13 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) 5uppps 2,404
14 Blue Bats (Transparent) OrionSound 2,399
15 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) RedVelvetCake 2,256
16 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) OllieGamerz 2,246
17 Purple Pandas (Transparent) InTheLittleWood 2,236
18 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Ranboo 2,222
19 Blue Bats (Transparent) Smajor1995 2,166
20 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) CaptainSparklez 2,163
21 Blue Bats (Transparent) GeminiTay 2,128
22 Green Geckos (Transparent) Tubbo_ 2,123
23 Lime Llamas (Transparent) hannahxxrose 2,078
24 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) SolidarityGaming 2,023
25 Lime Llamas (Transparent) vGumiho 2,003
26 Green Geckos (Transparent) aimsey 1,987
27 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) The_Eret 1,959
28 Red Rabbits (Transparent) ShubbleYT 1,911
29 Lime Llamas (Transparent) awesamdude 1,886
30 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) KaraCorvus 1,773
31 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Skeppy 1,686
32 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Michaelmcchill 1,639
33 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) ryguyrocky 1,554
34 Green Geckos (Transparent) guqqie 1,518
35 Purple Pandas (Transparent) GoodTimeWithScar 1,463
36 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) BadBoyHalo 1,343
37 Pink Parrots (Transparent) TBNRfrags 1,165
38 Pink Parrots (Transparent) Vikkkkkstarrrrrr 1,144
39 Pink Parrots (Transparent) BajanCanadian 920
40 Pink Parrots (Transparent) JeromeASF 828


  • During round 3 of Dodgebolt, Smajor1995 got disconnected. This end up counting as an elimination in Dodgebolt since when he rejoined the server he was on the stands.




  1. ^  The transcript was done by MrOrcaDood, Etoine, Minifreak, Parastoria, Myriel, Dorijanko, Klayn, SuperStein, Sportzfuzombie, Toulou, Lotte, SpaceshipEater and Pickled_Pufferfish.


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