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MC Championship Pride 2021 (also known as MCCP21) was a special MCC event, similar to Yogscast's Jingle Jam MCC. Noxcrew partnered up with YouTube Gaming to raise money for the Trevor Project. This MCC took place on June 26, 2021, at 8 PM BST.

This MCC featured several new participants (with most of the regular players being asked to sit out to make space for newcomers). The non-canon status of the event meant that all the statistics from this event were thrown away after it ended, and did not count in the Hall of Fame.

An unofficial transcript of the event can be found here, which was made by u/MrOrcaDood on Reddit.


Due to the event being primarily focused on charity, the Noxcrew decided to add 8 special events that would happen at certain donation milestones. About $344,000 was donated to The Trevor Project.[1]

  • Milestone 1 of 8: Wear Your Pride ($5,000): Adds some cool pride cosmetics to players skins (like the pride flag)
  • Milestone 2 of 8: Mega Chicken Swap ($15,000): The players switch place with the chicken during the Decision Dome.
  • Milestone 3 of 8: Wear More Pride ($75,000): The players are given even more pride cosmetics.
  • Milestone 4 of 8: Dunk Bonanza ($100,000): All the players are given the dunk item in the Decision Dome.
  • Milestone 5 of 8: Super Pride ($140,000): The players are given even more pride-themed cosmetics.
  • Milestone 6 of 8: Free The Unicorns ($155,000): Unicorns will be unleashed in the hub and players will be able to ride them.
  • Milestone 7 of 8: Ultimate Pride ($175,000): Players will be given even more cosmetics.
  • Milestone 8 of 8: MEGA BOLT ($200,000): All the players will be teleported to the Dodgebolt arena for a round of 20v20 Dodgebolt.*

*In the actual event, however, Ph1LzA (temporary replacement for WilburSoot during Battle Box) also joined the match, making it a 21v20 Dodgebolt instead.


As usual, all of the maps and the hub received pride-themed dressups.[2]

  • A number of tweaks were made to minigames:
    • Survival Games map Millionaire Mansions now offers better loot in the "outer buildings" of the map.
    • Players can now break leaf blocks in Survival Games, as CaptainPuffy had got stuck surrounded by leaves in the last MCC
    • Build Mart received two quality of life changes which serve to prevent confusion in block gathering:
      • Quartz and Nether Bricks can now be found in both the Nether and Ores sections and both the Nether and Brick sections, respectively.
      • Planks and logs now have textures closer to their vanilla textures.
    • Hole in the Wall player detection system was said to be made more robust, however phasing issues surfaced once again in the event.
    • Parkour Tag point system now places greater emphasis on which team tags all three runners first, as this is contributed to by both how well the runners do and how well the hunters do.
  • Battle Box took venue on a brand new pride-themed map called The Paint Factory.
    • The game also featured creeper spawn eggs for the first time.
  • Build Mart "golden builds" were all pride-themed.
  • Bows were re-skinned as rainbows and arrows emitted a rainbow trail in Dodgebolt.


Team Teammates Team Result
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits
 LDShadowLady Smallishbeans CaptainPuffy Vikkstar123 5th
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots
 InTheLittleWood Sqaishey TapL PearlescentMoon 2nd
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks
 icklenellierose MikeChannell janedouglas Farrantula 10th
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas
 Wisp Tubbo TommyInnit Joey Graceffa 4th
Green Guardians
Green Guardians
 ItsFunneh Rainbows GoldenGlare DraconiteDragon 9th
Cyan Creepers
Cyan Creepers
 Lazarbeam Muselk Seapeekay Spifey 8th
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls
 Illumina GizzyGazza KreekCraft Ryguyrocky latest?cb=202109221519461st
Blue Bats
Blue Bats
 AyChristene Shubble Nihachu Smajor1995 7th
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas
 JeromeASF Mefs King Burren Eret 6th
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots
 Grian WilburSoot Technoblade SolidarityGaming Ph1LzA* 3rd

*Ph1LzA was a temporary replacement for WilburSoot during Battle Box.



Mc Championship Pride Games..jpg

The eight games for the Decision Dome were the same line up as the ones in MCC 14, with a pride dress up for all the games.

Game 1: Ace Race Ace Race

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (1539)

Top 5 Fastest Laps:

  1.  Illumina - 01:46.60
  2.  Technoblade - 01:47.95
  3.  Illumina - 01:48.15
  4.  Technoblade - 01:49.05
  5.  Technoblade - 01:53.25

Top 5 players:

  1.  Technoblade - 05:30.25
  2.  Illumina - 05:35.35
  3.  TapL - 05:56.10
  4.  Mefs - 06:05.90
  5.  TommyInnit - 06:09.20

Game 2: Sky Battle Sky Battle

(X1.5MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots (2787)

Top 5 players:

  1.  TapL - 1314 (876 unmultiplied)
  2.  Technoblade - 930 (620 unmultiplied)
  3.  Illumina - 882 (588 unmultiplied)
  4.  Wisp - 744 (496 unmultiplied)
  5.  InTheLittleWood - 741 (494 unmultiplied)

Game 3: Big Sales at Build Mart Big Sales at Build Mart

(X1.5MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits (2640)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Red Rabbits Red Rabbits - 2640
  2. Pink Parrots Pink Parrots - 2472
  3. Blue Bats Blue Bats - 2334
  4. Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls - 2202
  5. Purple Pandas Purple Pandas - 1938

Game 4: Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall

(X2.0MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots (3400)

Top 5 players:

  1.  TapL - 1224 (612 unmultiplied)
  2.  PearlescentMoon - 1152 (576 unmultiplied)
  3.  Shubble - 1144 (572 unmultiplied)
  4.  InTheLittleWood - 792 (396 unmultiplied)
  5.  Seapeekay - 768 (384 unmultiplied)

Game 5: Parkour Tag Parkour Tag

(X2.0MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Purple Pandas Purple Pandas (3070)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Mefs - 862 (431 unmultiplied)
  2.  King_Burren - 822 (411 unmultiplied)
  3.  Seapeekay - 808 (404 unmultiplied)
  4.  Illumina - 794 (397 unmultiplied)
  5.  Technoblade - 780 (390 unmultiplied)

Game 6: Battle Box Battle Box

(X2.5MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Lime Llamas Lime Llamas (4950)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Wisp - 1350 (540 unmultiplied)
  2.  Technoblade - 1325 (530 unmultiplied)
  3.  Tubbo - 1312 (525 unmultiplied)
  4.  TommyInnit - 1275 (510 unmultiplied)
  5.  Illumina - 1225 (490 unmultiplied)


(X2.5MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Pink Parrots Pink Parrots (3785)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Illumina - 1182.5 (473 unmultiplied)
  2.  Technoblade - 1152.5 (461 unmultiplied)
  3.  CaptainPuffy - 1007.5 (403 unmultiplied)
  4.  SolidarityGaming - 982.5 (393 unmultiplied)
  5.  Seapeekay - 980 (392 unmultiplied)

Game 8: Survival Games Survival Games

(X3.0MCC Coin Standard.png Bonus)

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (7548)

Top 5 players:

  1.  Illumina - 3288 (1096 unmultiplied)
  2.  KreekCraft - 2388 (796 unmultiplied)
  3.  TapL - 2016 (672 unmultiplied)
  4.  Technoblade - 1896 (632 unmultiplied)
  5.  Ryguyrocky - 1488 (496 unmultiplied)

Dodgebolt Dodgebolt

Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls vs. Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots

Round 1: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots win.

Round 2: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots win.

Round 3: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls win.

Round 4: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls win.

Round 5: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls win.

Result: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls 3-2 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots

Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls win MCC Pride 2021!

20v20 Dodgebolt Dodgebolt

Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls vs. Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots

Round 1: Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls win.

Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls win MCC Pride 2021!

Team Standings

Standing Team Coins Total
1 Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls 25888
2 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots 22767
3 Pink Parrots Pink Parrots 22765
4 Lime Llamas Lime Llamas 19729
5 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits 17424
6 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas 16808
7 Blue Bats Blue Bats 14358
8 Cyan Creepers Cyan Creepers 14293
9 Green Guardians Green Guardians 7754
10 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks 2476

Individual Standings

Standing Player Coin Total
1  Illumina 4199
2  TapL 3960
3  Technoblade 3925
4  KreekCraft 3318
5  TommyInnit 3204
6  InTheLittleWood 3040
7  Wisp 2759
8  Smajor1995 2643
9  Ryguyrocky 2602
10  Seapeekay 2596
11  PearlescentMoon 2595
12  CaptainPuffy 2588
13  King_Burren 2549
14  SolidarityGaming 2520
15  Tubbo 2467
16  Vikkstar123 2440
17  Mefs 2433
18  Grian 2317
19  GizzyGazza 2305
20  Smallishbeans 2302
21  WilburSoot 2253
22  Shubble 2240
23  Spifey 1945
24  The_Eret 1860
25  JeromeASF 1808
26  LDShadowLady 1739
27  Sqaishey 1720
29  Nihachu 1385
30  ItsFunneh 1369
31  LazarCodeLazar 1214
32  DraconiteDragon 1083
33  Muselk 1039
34  AyChristene 944
35  GoldenGlare 887
36  PaintingRainbows 587
37  Ph1LzA 410*
38  OX_Andy 342
39  OX_Mike 299
40  OX_Jane 266
41  OX_Ellen 239

* Ph1LzA was a temporary substitution for  WilburSoot Therefore, his score is only reflected by his Battle Box performance, being the only game he participated in.


  • This MCC was a part of a Pride Month programme involving YouTube and The Trevor Project, focusing on raising money for the LGBT charity. Participants were therefore only allowed to stream the event on YouTube, which meant lots of participants could not as they were tied down by Twitch partnership contracts. In total, 22 participants streamed the event, with Scott streaming it on the Noxcrew channel.
    • As of 29 June, $344k has been raised in total, with donations still open. $100k of that was provided by YouTube Gaming as part of the programme.
  • All of Yellow Yaks ended up being in the last places, being placed 37-40
  • KreekCraft, AyChristene, Muselk, Lazarbeam, ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, DraconiteDragon, Icklenellierose, Janedouglas, MikeChannell and Farrantula all "debuted" in this MCC, however many of them will be one-time participants and it is unknown if any of them will take part in MCC again.
    • Icklenellierose, Janedouglas, MikeChannel and Farrantula are from OutsideXbox.
    • ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare and DraconiteDragon are from the KREW.
    • Both of the groups, the KREW and OutsideXbox, were given by YouTube Gaming as full teams of groups.
    • When MCC 15 was announced, KreekCraft confirmed that he will be coming back in the canon MCCs in the future.[4]
  • Some participants may have backed out voluntarily to allow for more LGBTQIA+ CCs.
  • This MCC welcomed back Joey Graceffa, who hadn't played since MCC 8, JeromeASF, who hadn't played since MCC 9, and Technoblade, who hadn't played since MCC 11.
  • The Aqua Axolotls accumulated 25888 points - this is higher than any other total in MCC history, albeit doesn't count as a record due to the "non-canon" status of the event.
    • Conversely, the Yellow Yaks were able to gain only 2476 points, lower than any other team to ever play in the event.
  • A bell was added to the lobby, which Techno used to support the fundraiser, as well as a bell which did not work in the Parkour Tag waiting area for the Pink Parrots.
  • WilburSoot had to temporarily leave the event during Parkour Tag due to his office's fire alarm going off. He returned after Battle Box (where Ph1LzA filled in) and continued playing with a fire alarm blaring in the background for an hour after it first went off.
    • This means the MCCP21 Pink Parrots technically had 5 players, and Ph1LzA's coins weren't added to Wilbur's tally.
    • Ph1LzA stayed to spectate the event and participated in the "20v20" Dodgebolt (technically 21v20).
  • In Battle Box, the Lime Llamas achieved the maximum amount of points (killing every opponent and filling the wool in every round).
    • This was only done once before in MCC history, by the Coral Carollers of MCC 13; Wisp was present in both teams.
    • The Yellow Yaks got 0 coins in Battle Box as well, meaning this is the only time one team has gotten the highest possible coins and another team the lowest possible coins in the same game
  • This MCC had smallest coin difference ever between two teams, with 2 coins separating the Orange Ocelots (2nd) and the Pink Parrots (3rd).
    • This is also therefore the smallest amount of coins ever separating 3rd place and Dodgebolt, with the previous lowest being 138 coins denying the Krimson Krakens a place in the MCC 7 final.
  • In some games like Parkour Tag Nihachu confirmed that Fundy was playing on her account


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