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The teams in MC Championship Twitch Rivals (October 11-12, 2023)

MC Championship Twitch Rivals (also known as MC Championship Live, ft. Minecraft or MCC TR) was the forty-third event of MC Championship, as part of Twitch Rivals. This was the first ever IRL event to happen in MC Championship. It took place on October 20, 2023 at 8 PM BST at TwitchCon 2023: Las Vegas.[1]

An unofficial transcript of the event was made by u/MrOrcaDood and others1 on Reddit, which can be found here.



MC Championship- Twitch Rivals LIVE! - Update Video- Viva Las Vegas!

The update video[2] was released two days prior to the event, with multiplier changes for the event, and additions to the spectating stream on Twitch Rivals.


Team Members Team Result
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits
Red Rabbits (Transparent) fruitberries Red Rabbits (Transparent) Tubbo Red Rabbits (Transparent) bekyamon Red Rabbits (Transparent) Michaelmcchill 3rd
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Krtzyy Orange Ocelots (Transparent) OwengeJuice Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Smajor1995 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) ItzMasayoshi 4th
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost Yellow Yaks (Transparent) awesamdude Yellow Yaks (Transparent) cubfan135 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) CaptainSparklez latest?cb=202109221519461st
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas
Lime Llamas (Transparent) jojosolos Lime Llamas (Transparent) Shadoune666 Lime Llamas (Transparent) ElainaExe Lime Llamas (Transparent) Shubble 6th
Green Geckos
Green Geckos
Green Geckos (Transparent) 5up Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt Green Geckos (Transparent) Gee Nelly Green Geckos (Transparent) Foolish Gamers 7th
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Illumina Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Ranboo Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) DarkEyebrows Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sneegsnag 8th
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) HBomb94 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) GeminiTay Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) GoodTimesWithScar Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) impulseSV 10th
Blue Bats
Blue Bats
Blue Bats (Transparent) Punz Blue Bats (Transparent) BadBoyHalo Blue Bats (Transparent) vGumiho Blue Bats (Transparent) Hannahxxrose 9th
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas (Transparent) Purpled Purple Pandas (Transparent) aimsey Purple Pandas (Transparent) Guqqie Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay 2nd
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots
Pink Parrots (Transparent) GeorgeNotFound Pink Parrots (Transparent) Sapnap Pink Parrots (Transparent) CaptainPuffy Pink Parrots (Transparent) Sylvee 5th




The games announcement image posted to @MCChampionship_ on Twitter (October 17, 2023).

There were a total of 6 games played in the event, compared to the usual 8 in other events.[4]

Battle Box, Big Sales at Build Mart, Bingo but Fast, Hole in the Wall, Parkour Tag, Parkour Warrior, Sands of Time and Survival Games are all benched in favour of these six games.

Game 1: Rocket Spleef Rush Rocket Spleef Rush

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (1848)

Top 5 players:

  1. Blue Bats (Transparent) Punz - 607
  2. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost - 576
  3. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay - 518
  4. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) OwengeJuice - 498
  5. Lime Llamas (Transparent) jojosolos - 485

Game 2: Grid Runners Grid Runners (x1.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (2467)

Top 5 teams:

  1. Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks - 2467
  2. Blue Bats Blue Bats - 2011
  3. Purple Pandas Purple Pandas - 1815
  4. Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots - 1692
  5. Red Rabbits Red Rabbits - 1686

Game 3: Ace Race Ace Race (x2.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks (2560)

Top 5 players:

  1. Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 07:40.50
  2. Red Rabbits (Transparent) fruitberries - 07:52.50
  3. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost - 07:54.05
  4. Lime Llamas (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 07:56.40
  5. Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) HBomb94 - 07:58.45

Top 5 laps:

  1. Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 02:30.50
  2. Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt - 02:32.10
  3. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Purpled - 02:32.25
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost - 02:32.60
  5. Pink Parrots (Transparent) Sapnap - 02:34.15

Game 4: Meltdown Meltdown (x2.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Pink Parrots Pink Parrots (3400)

Top 5 players:

  1. Pink Parrots (Transparent) Sapnap - 1088 (544 unmultiplied)
  2. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay - 1050 (525 unmultiplied)
  3. Green Geckos (Transparent) 5up - 920 (460 unmultiplied)
  4. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Purpled - 900 (450 unmultiplied)
  5. Pink Parrots (Transparent) GeorgeNotFound - 888 (444 unmultiplied)

Game 5: TGTTOS TGTTOS (x2.5Coin)

Best Performing Team: Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots (4232)

Top 5 players:

  1. Purple Pandas (Transparent) Purpled - 1777 (711 unmultiplied)
  2. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Krtzyy - 1557 (623 unmultiplied)
  3. Red Rabbits (Transparent) fruitberries - 1442 (577 unmultiplied)
  4. Lime Llamas (Transparent) Shadoune666 - 1182 (473 unmultiplied)
  5. Orange Ocelots (Transparent) OwengeJuice - 1122 (449 unmultiplied)

Game 6: Sky Battle Sky Battle (x3.0Coin)

Best Performing Team: Red Rabbits Red Rabbits (6147)

Top 5 players:

  1. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost - 3060 (1020 unmultiplied)
  2. Red Rabbits (Transparent) fruitberries - 2409 (803 unmultiplied)
  3. Red Rabbits (Transparent) bekyamon - 1674 (558 unmultiplied)
  4. Yellow Yaks (Transparent) awesamdude - 1281 (427 unmultiplied)
  5. Green Geckos (Transparent) 5up - 1272 (424 unmultiplied)

Dodgebolt Dodgebolt

Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks vs. Purple Pandas Purple Pandas

Round 1: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks win.

Round 2: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks win.

Round 3: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks win.

Result: Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks 3-0 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas


MC Championship Twitch Rivals
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost Yellow Yaks (Transparent) awesamdude Yellow Yaks (Transparent) cubfan135 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) CaptainSparklez

Final Team Standings

Standing Teams Coins Total
1 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks 17,409
2 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas 14,673
3 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits 14,663
4 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots 12,324
5 Pink Parrots Pink Parrots 11,804
6 Lime Llamas Lime Llamas 11,404
7 Green Geckos Green Geckos 11,192
8 Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes 10,779
9 Blue Bats Blue Bats 9,040
10 Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls 7,019

Final Individual Standings

Standing Player Coins Total
1 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Antfrost 3,157
2 Red Rabbits (Transparent) fruitberries 2,773
3 Purple Pandas (Transparent) Purpled 2,614
4 Purple Pandas (Transparent) Seapeekay 2,375
5 Pink Parrots (Transparent) Sapnap 2,138
6 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) awesamdude 2,044
7 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Krtzy 2,005
8 Lime Llamas (Transparent) Shadoune666 1,959
9 Lime Llamas (Transparent) jojosolos 1,946
10 Green Geckos (Transparent) 5uppps 1,933
11 Green Geckos (Transparent) PeteZahHutt 1,923
12 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Owenge_Juice 1,919
13 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) CaptainSparklez 1,851
14 Yellow Yaks (Transparent) cubfan135 1,784
15 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Illumina 1,782
16 Blue Bats (Transparent) Punz 1,692
17 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) HBomb94 1,586
18 Red Rabbits (Transparent) bekyamon 1,502
19 Pink Parrots (Transparent) GeorgeNotFound 1,475
20 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Sneegsnag 1,448
21 Blue Bats (Transparent) hannahxxrose 1,408
22 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Tubbo_ 1,354
23 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Ranboo 1,334
24 Pink Parrots (Transparent) sylvee_ 1,325
25 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Smajor1995 1,315
26 Green Geckos (Transparent) FoolishG 1,219
27 Purple Pandas (Transparent) aimsey 1,218
28 Purple Pandas (Transparent) guqqie 1,145
29 Red Rabbits (Transparent) Michaelmcchill 1,047
30 Lime Llamas (Transparent) ShubbleYT 1,021
31 Pink Parrots (Transparent) CaptainPuffy 958
32 Blue Bats (Transparent) BadBoyHalo 951
33 Orange Ocelots (Transparent) ItzMasayoshi 941
34 Lime Llamas (Transparent) ElainaExe 897
35 Blue Bats (Transparent) vGumiho 863
36 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) impulseSV 803
37 Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) DarkEyebrows 758
38 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) GoodTimeWithScar 638
39 Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) GeminiTay 594
40 Green Geckos (Transparent) GeeNelly 507



Promotional poster for the event

  • This was the second event that feature LAN teams, following MCC 18's Violet Vampires participation.
  • This was the first MC Championship event since MCC 1 to fall on a day other than Saturday in its local UK time. It will also be the first event to not be held on a weekend.
  • This was the first event to feature only 6 games in an event, the least out of any in MC Championship history.[4]
  • This was the first event to feature cash prizes for participants, totalling to $50,000.[4]
    • The winners received $5,360 for the team ($1,340 for each player)
    • The rest of the teams received $4,960 per team ($1,240 for each player)

Participation and Crew

  • Before teams got officially announced, some participants were accidentally "pre-announced" on the TwitchCon website. These can be viewed via the previous revision of this page.[5]
  • This event is the first event since MCC P22 to have the teams announcements not on Thursday and Friday. The teams announcements were posted on Tuesday and Wednesday for this event.
  • This was the first event to feature official casters, reporters, and a host, as with the Twitch Rivals format:[6]
    • Kara Corvus and Couriway were the casters.
    • Fulham commentated for a short time, during Meltdown.
    • WavePunk (Caleb Simmons) was the host, having hosted many Twitch Rivals beforehand from League of Legends to more.
    • GlitterXplosion and Nekkra were the reporters, reporting and interviewing the participants throughout the event.
  • Despite Kara Corvus being the caster of the event, she still received a Red Rabbits jersey. She would wear this during MCC PARTY and MCC 4KO.
  • The Aqua Axolotls and Yellow Yaks were originally on swapped team colours, however they had to change due to the stage not being wheelchair accessible for GoodTimesWithScar. Both teams have jerseys for each colour. [7]