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Noxcrew Gameshow is a Minecraft gameshow, premiered on the Noxcrew YouTube channel from 2012 to 2015. The gameshow itself has been in various events (such as Insomnia Gaming Festival) and livestreams (including the show's once own iteration, Noxcrew Gameshow Live)

The show is a major inspiration for MC Championship, with its mechanics and games being similar or identical to the ones in the gameshow.

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Noxcrew gameshow runs as a tournament that test team's Minecraft skills, communication and teamwork. There are a total of 8 teams competing in a tournament ladder styled format, to find out the overall winner of the show. Each match is a best of 3 games (with the exception of the final match being a best of 5)

The games are chosen from the Decision Dome, decided beforehand. At the beginning of a round, the chickens would fly out from the sky, and the game with the most chickens would be the one played for that round.

Series Overview

The Pilot Season ran over the course of many years, with prominent Minecraft content creators at the time competing. Each match is a best of 5. The season only lasted for 6 episodes.

Season 1 ran from March 21, 2015 to June 13, 2015, with a tournament-styled format. The episodes were also shorter (as with the pilot season's 6th episode) with only a game per episode. The Ungentlemen won the season with clean sweeps for all of their matchups.

Comparisons with MC Championship

In comparison, MC Championship has similar mechanics and games that are from the gameshow.

Decision Dome

The Decision Dome, as mentioned above, is automatically decided by the chickens spawning above the dome. The players do not engage in any vote whatsoever. (In MCC, the players would vote for a game to be chosen)

Battle Box

The centre objective of Battle Box is similar to the objectives in Line Lock, where competitors have to fill in their team's wool in every room to win the game. The deathmatch aspect is also similar to ones in Factory and Castle.

Grid Runners

Even though, Grid Runners is from the original Grid Runners map and Grid Runners Pro on the Bedrock Marketplace, the game itself is similar to Sprint v1 and various other versions in the Pilot Season.

Foot Race/Ace Race

The original Foot Race map is relatively similar to Python's Crypt in the gameshow. The same map was then used again in Ace Race. The speed pads and jump pads mechanics are similar to ones in Yet-Set-Go, which is a foot race, but with power-up pads added.

Sands of Time

Both versions are relatively similar to each other, but with players collecting diamonds in chests instead, and that players who die will not return to the dungeons.


The bridging mechanic is similar to Bridge 3 Far, where players must bridge across the water area, gaining blocks from shooting targets of the other side,


Dodgebolt in the gameshow is a standalone game, with the objective being to drain other team's lives before they did.


  • Out of many MC Championship participants, InTheLittleWood and CaptainSparklez were the ones that participated in the gameshow (specifically in the Pilot Season of the show with InTheLittleWood being in the first and fifth episodes, and CaptainSparklez being in the sixth episode)
  • Another spinoff, Noxsquad Gameshow, is created by RASA Studios with an identical concept to the original Noxcrew Gameshow. The show premiered on May 11, 2019 as its first official season.
    • Noxcrew members, Noxite, Epic_Landlord and Skyao participated in the show as the team, "Royalties Please!".