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Rocket Spleef Rush is a PVP/Minigame hybrid game in MC Championship, introduced in MCC 20. It replaced the original version of Rocket Spleef. This is the third additional game introduced in Season 2.

Official Description[]


Game Logo

The aim of Rocket Spleef Rush is to stay alive for as long as possible. Fight to be the last player standing on floating platforms while barraging other players with rockets that destroy the blocks below. As the platforms crumble new ones will spawn in!

All players are armed with elytras and rocket launchers, as well as a single Updraft which can be used to escape a sticky situation.

Description and Goal[]

Rocket Spleef Rush is a spleef game with rocket launchers, used to eliminate other players. The same premise is similar to Rocket Spleef. However, there are now multiple arenas in the same map, with each new arena being generated as time goes by and the old one being disintegrated over time. The arenas would also become smaller as the game goes on, depending on the amount of players left or the time left. The goal is to be the last player standing.

There are 3 rounds to this game, with a variety of maps in rotation for those rounds.

Elytra Durability[]

Players will need to keep in mind of their elytra durability at all times. The durability can decrease the longer a player flies without touching the ground or being attacked by other players using rockets or melee combat. Elytra durability regeneration would also be disabled temporarily if a player got attacked. Players can gain their elytra durability back by staying on the arena.

As the game progresses, the elytra damage will increase:

  • Start = 50%
  • 1 minute = 60%
  • 2 minutes = 80%
  • 3 minutes = 100%


To recover from falls, updrafts are provided for players to lift themselves up back in the game. Each players is given 2 updrafts at the start of each round, with them being taken away as time goes by:

  • 2 minutes = first updraft removed
  • 3 minutes = second updraft removed

Coin Rewards[]

Coins are mainly awarded based on the survival and kills in this game.

  • 2Coin are rewarded every time someone dies and you are still alive.
  • 30Coin are rewarded per personal elimination (last person to hit someone before they are eliminated)

Additional bonuses are also awarded to the top 10 players in the game:

  • 1st place = 150Coin
  • 2nd place = 125Coin
  • 3rd place = 110Coin
  • 4th place = 100Coin
  • 5th place = 90Coin
  • 6th place = 85Coin
  • 7th place = 80Coin
  • 8th place = 75Coin
  • 9th place = 70Coin
  • 10th place = 65Coin

If all remaining players are from the same team, the round will end, and all survivors will earn the 1st place bonus.

List of maps[]

Appearances and Overview[]

Event Round Number Best Performing Team Overall Winner
MCC 20 3 Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Illumina
MCC 21 4 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
MCC 22 3 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits Blue Bats (Transparent) Tubbo
MCC 23 6 Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes Green Geckos (Transparent) Dream
MCC 24 3 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina
MCC 26 8 Aqua Abominations Aqua Abominations Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled
MCC 28 1 Emerald Elves Emerald Elves Ginger Breadmen (Transparent) Purpled
MCC 29 2 Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Ph1LzA
MCC 31 1 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled
MCC 32 1 Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Purpled
MCC 33 1 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled
MCC R2 6 Blue Bats Blue Bats Pink Parrots (Transparent) apokuna
MCC TR 1 Yellow Yaks Yellow Yaks Blue Bats (Transparent) Punz
MCC 35 1 Yellow Yetis Yellow Yetis Cerulean Candy Canes (Transparent) Shadoune777
MCC 4KO 2 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas Green Geckos (Transparent) FireBreathMan
MCC TRE 2 Purple Pandas Purple Pandas Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Wolfeei

Maps Appeared and Winners[]

Event Round
1 2 3
MCC 20 Classic
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) Illumina
Blue Bats (Transparent) Quig
Lime Llamas (Transparent) TapL
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Tubbo
MCC 21 Classic
Krimson Krakens (Transparent) CaptainSparklez
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Illumina
Lime Llamas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
MCC 22 Classic
Purple Pandas (Transparent) Punz
Red Rabbits (Transparent) awesamdude
Blue Bats (Transparent) Tubbo
MCC 23 Temple
Red Rabbits (Transparent) Seapeekay
Purple Pandas (Transparent) Ph1LzA
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) FalseSymmetry
MCC 24 Classic
Pink Parrots (Transparent) Ph1LzA
Purple Pandas (Transparent) Illumina
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) fruitberries
MCC 26 Classic
Fuchsia Frankensteins (Transparent) Purpled
Violet Vampires (Transparent) fruitberries
Mustard Mummies (Transparent) 5up
MCC 28 Classic
Emerald Elves (Transparent) Illumina
Pink Presents (Transparent) Ph1LzA
Yellow Yetis (Transparent) awesamdude
MCC 29 Santorini
Red Rabbits (Transparent) 5uppps
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Ph1LzA
Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled
MCC 31 Construction
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Pink Parrots (Transparent) Illumina
Green Geckos (Transparent) Purpled
MCC 32 Construction
Lime Llamas (Transparent) fruitberries
Aqua Axolotls (Transparent) Purpled
Purple Pandas (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
MCC 33 Classic
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled
Lime Llamas (Transparent) Purpled
Green Geckos (Transparent) Ph1LzA
MCC R2 Classic
Pink Parrots (Transparent) apokuna
Blue Bats (Transparent) TaneeshaHogan
Blue Bats (Transparent) SwitchBackMongo
MCC TR Santorini
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) awesamdude
Area 51
Blue Bats (Transparent) Punz
Blue Bats (Transparent) Punz
MCC 35 Classic
Purple Penguins (Transparent) PeteZahHutt
Area 51
Emerald Elves (Transparent) Punz
Cerulean Candy Canes (Transparent) Shadoune777
MCC 4KO Classic
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Shadoune777
Yellow Yaks (Transparent) falsesymmetry
Area 51
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Shadoune777
MCC TRE Classic
Cyan Coyotes (Transparent) Wolfeei
Purple Pandas (Transparent) Fabo
Area 51
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) FireBreathMan
Orange Ocelots (Transparent) Seapeekay



Event Changes
MCC 4KO - Introduced elytra durability
- Added outlines which will show the shape of the next platform
MCC TR Introduced a new map, Area 51
MCC 33 Overtime System introduced. After the game's duration (4 minutes), the final platform will start disintegrating. The game will not end until a player or a team is left in the game.
MCC 31 Introduced a new map, Construction.
MCC 23 Introduced a new map, Temple.
MCC 20 Game introduced and debut. Introduced maps Classic, Journey and Santorini.