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Sky Battle is a game that was introduced in MCC 9, replacing Skyblockle for an indefinite amount of time.

Official Description

In Sky Battle, the aim is to remain the last team standing.

All players begin on the spawn island. Gather resources, craft, and eliminate your opponents to survive. There are three rounds total, and each round lasts four minutes. You only get one life so don't do anything stupid. (Yes, falling will kill you). Over time, the map borders begin to decrease. This is marked out by a particle border. Red = Dead. Luckily, everyone has an infinite amount of concrete, so there is plenty of opportunities to get creative!

Extra Tips:

  • Look around you. You'll find plenty of bonus resources in all sorts of places.
  • Act Fast! There's only so much territory, and not enough for everyone to share.


Sky Battle is a fast-paced PVP game, that involves communication throughout the team, survival, and getting kills. The goal is to be the last team standing in each round. There are a total of 3 rounds in total which lasts 4 minutes each. As time goes by, the circular border will shrink from the sides and the top.

Resources that competitors would need are scattered around the map, from the team's starting islands to the center of the map. Players can find melee weapons, bows, crossbows, TNT, creeper eggs, and fishing rods to help rack up kills. There are also cobwebs and iron blocks to improve your chances of survival.

Coin Rewards

  • 2 MCC Coin Standard.png if another person dies and you're still alive.
  • 50 MCC Coin Standard.png on personal eliminations.
  • 50 MCC Coin Standard.png if you survive the entire round.

List of Maps

Appearances and Overview

Tournament Game Number Map Best Performing Team Overall Winner
MCC 9 1 Classic Green Guardians Green Guardians  Sapnap
MCC 10 4 Green Guardians Green Guardians  Quig
MCC 11 2 Fuchsia Frankensteins Fuchsia Frankensteins  Dream
MCC 12 Not chosen - -
MCC JJ - -
MCC 13 - -
MCC 14 3 Medieval Blue Bats Blue Bats  fruitberries
MCC P21 2 Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots  TapL
MCC 15 3 Pink Parrots Pink Parrots  TapL
MCC 16 2 Lime Llamas Lime Llamas  Quig
MCC 17 2 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits  Grian
MCC R Not chosen - -
MCC 18 Candyland - -
MCC AS 2 Red Rabbits Red Rabbits  Dream
MCC 19 6 Teal Turkeys Teal Turkeys  fruitberries
MCC 20 4 Blue Bats Blue Bats  Quig
MCC 21 5 Mesa Cyan Coyotes Cyan Coyotes  TommyInnit

Round Placements

Event Round 1 Winners Round 2 Winners Round 3 Winners
MCC 9  HBomb94 fruitberries FalseSymmetry Rendog  Cxlvxn Spifey Technoblade  PearlescentMoon TapL Shubble Seapeekay
MCC 10  Quig  CaptainPuffy GeorgeNotFound  Smajor1995
MCC 11  Dream Sapnap  TommyInnit  Dream Sapnap GeorgeNotFound
MCC 14  Seapeekay  InTheLittleWood  fruitberries
MCC P21  Wisp TapL Joey Graceffa  InTheLittleWood TapL  Smajor1995
MCC 15  Fundy Ph1LzA ConnorEatsPants  Ranboo Wilbur Soot TapL  Ranboo Wilbur Soot TapL
MCC 16  fruitberries Smallishbeans Grian  Quig  Ranboo
MCC 17  GeminiTay SolidarityGaming  PeteZahHutt FalseSymmetry SB737  Smajor1995 WilburSoot
MCC AS  fruitberries HBomb94 FalseSymmetry Rendog  Mini Muka  PeteZahHutt Cubfan135
MCC 19  Wisp  Smajor1995  fruitberries
MCC 20  fruitberries Eret  Tubbo TapL  Quig
MCC 21  Sapnap Seapeekay  Snifferish  TommyInnit



An ace is when one player kills all four members of the enemy team.

Event Round Number Player Against
MCC 9 2  Tubbo Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots
MCC 11 1  Dream Orange Ocelots Orange Ocelots
 Dream Violet Vampires Violet Vampires
2  TapL Blue Black Cats Blue Black Cats
MCC 14 1  Sapnap Lime Llamas Lime Llamas
MCC P21 1  Wilbur Soot Purple Pandas Purple Pandas
MCC 17 1  TommyInnit Blue Bats Blue Bats
3  Tubbo Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls
MCC AS 1  fruitberries Lime Llamas Lime Llamas
2  Sapnap Pink Parrots Pink Parrots
MCC 19 3  Wilbur Soot Mint Mistletoes Mint Mistletoes
MCC 20 3  Quig Red Rabbits Red Rabbits
MCC 21 3  Purpled Aqua Axolotls Aqua Axolotls


  • In MCC 11, Dream scored 1156 unmultiplied coins. This is the highest individual score ever earned in a single game.
    • This was done by killing 17 people, the record for kills in a single game of Sky Battle.
    • His team, the Fuchsia Frankensteins, also attained the record for unmultiplied team score in Sky Battle, scoring a total of 2270 coins.
  • The person with the most Sky Battle wins is fruitberries with 5 wins (6 if MCC AS is included).
  • Quig has been the overall winner of Sky Battle in 3 events.
  • Quig is known for his TNT cannon in this game, using it to eliminate Smajor1995 in MCC 9 and Vapekit in MCC 10.
    • This strategy was used by the MCC testers so much that it was unofficially banned from use in testing.
  • Grian in MCC 17 is the only player that scored the most coins in Sky Battle but did not place the highest on their team.
  • MCC 19 and MCC 21 were the only events where Sky Battle was played in the second half of the event.
  • In both MCC 9 and MCC AS, the Blue Bats, consisting of FalseSymmetry, fruitberries, HBomb94, and Rendog, won the first round of the game with all members surviving.
    • In both MCCs, HBomb94 exclaimed "I did nothing!" after the win.
  • The first round of MCC 20 was the first round in a regular Sky Battle which had winners from two separate teams: fruitberries from the Pink Parrots, and Eret from the Red Rabbits.