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Welcome to the MC Championship Wiki!

Editors! Please keep in mind of the rules when it comes to editing the wiki pages. Any rule breaks may result in a block from editing the entirety of the wiki. (you will be warned first, except in extreme cases)

Please also keep in mind about the information you are putting in. If they are very significant (e.g. talking about the reasonings of why a person is not participating in MCC or any significant detail that has to be mentioned), please include a reference or citation to support the information you put in. If there's any of these that are deemed insufficiently supported, it can be removed at any time. Please also refer to the list of topics that will be removed as well.

If you have any concerns or questions, please post a message on one of the admins message wall.

Topics that will be removed

  • Any mentions of Fundy's supposed "ban"
    • This is due to the fact that the only source is from HBomb94's Vault Hunters stream, which does not prove that Fundy is banned from the event. If he is banned, the sources have to be from either Fundy (officially), Scott or the MC Championship Twitter, as it is a sensitive fact. No other sources (such as MCC Updates Twitter) should support this. This decision came after numerous confusion on Twitter and MCC Discord, due to the fact that it is pure speculation.
  • Any pages relating to MCC Island
    • With the exception of the main MCC Island page on this wiki, all pages will be removed as to keep the topics related to MC Championship here, and do not overload this wiki with information from a separate server. All pages should be created in the new sister's fandom wiki: MCC Island Wiki.
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